Wanlov To Mark 10 Years Of Walking Barefoot With Tattooing Shoes Onto His Feet

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36-year-old Ghanaian Afro gypsy musician and half of FOKN Bois, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu aka Wanlov The Kubolor has walked without shoes or slippers across the globe for ten years now.

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Wanlov who is known for his creativity, intelligence, witty demeanour and sheer truancy has disclosed he will tattoo shoes onto his feet to mark the milestone.

For this, he asked his fans what make of shoes should he indelibly print onto feet via a twitter post.


Wanlov is also “The Abraham” of our time as he can equally be called Father Of Nations with his 6 or more children spreading across the world with their mothers from about four different continents. So Wanlov getting an ‘Afro Moses Sandals‘ tattoo on his feet should be very appropriately befitting to his personality.

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