KSM And Pete Edochie Are Hypocrites For Appearing In ‘John And John’ – Ola Michael

John & John

Ola Michael has tagged veteran stars Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) and Pete Edochie as hypocrites for appearing in the Kofas media’s $150,000 budget mega movie ‘John and John’.

Taking to social media Monday, Michael said the pair only appeared in the movie due to the money they’ll make, even though they always claim they only accept roles after reading the script.

A fuming Ola, taking to Facebook, said it’s about time everyone admits they are in the business for money and stop the pretence that quality of script or other factors comes into play when accepting movie roles.

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Read his rant below….

Before the shoot of John n John, I heard Pete Edochie said things. I also heard KSM bemoaning why artist manager ask money before script. These two men are dishonest and liars! Yes, tell them I, Ola Michael, said so. KSM did John n John for the money, and nothing else. Pete Edochie after insulting producers in Ghana, plays less than 5 scenes in John and John and I can tell you, he did it for the money!

All those actors, who were fighting for screen time and trying so hard to be useful in the film; all did it for the money.

So next time when u interview an actor and ask what s/he considers before jumping on a script, the first should be money. If s/he says anything else, tell her or him “Ola says it is a bloody lie!”

I’m tired of these pathetic lies and hypocrisy.

Ask KSM what he considered after reading the John and John script, knowing his role was laughable to say the least.

If not for the money himself and Pete Edochie would have rejected their cast.
Let’s stop lying to ourselves. We are in this business for the money so lets stop pretending.

I have not watched SKEEM and I don’t have interest in watching it.

Congrats to Kofas media. Go get the money bro.


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