Any Man Who Beats A Woman Deseves To Be Brutalised By A Heavyweight Boxer

Wife of former Akyeame member Quophi Okyeame, Stacy Amoateng, has said that any man who brutalises a woman deserves to receive some real pain from a heavyweight boxer.

Issues of domestic violence has flared up in recent weeks with the case of Vicky Zugah, who claims she was abused by her past four lovers.

Whilst those accused have come out to deny, Zugah maintains she was abused and the public remains split on the issue.

Amoateng, commenting on the issue, made it clear that she views the issue of domestic violence as abhorrent. Not simply women being brutalised, but also those who speak out being demonised for it.

“I remain disgusted every time I hear of abuse against women. Women are abused physically, emotionally, verbally by men who claimed loved them” Amoateng wrote on Instagram.

“The few ones who are able to come out and speak up are judged and called names. Love is beautiful. No one should love and get abuse as a medal.

“Anyone who abuses his partner doesn’t deserve love but a heavy weight fighter in a boxing ring. Women let’s continue to speak up.

“Let’s continue to support each because when your spirit is walked on you are just as good as a corpse. Let’s all Support the Luv Project to help empower women and young girls against Abuse” she added.


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