I Fell In Love With Mahama Because Of His Humility – Gifty Osei

Gifty Osei

Gospel singer Gifty Osei has revealed that she’s crazily in love with former President Mahama because he’s a humble, down to earth personality.

Osei, speaking on TV Africa, revealed she once had lunch with the then vice President, and was simply struck by his humble nature that she fell in love.

“I like all the past Presidents who have ruled the nation but I think the one I like the most is JM” she said on the program.

“Everyone sees something good in someone and immediately falls in love with the person, I fell in love with Mahama because of his humility as a person if I am being honest” she added

Osei revealed how she first met Mahama, when he arranged for a meal between the two of them because she had jokingly expressed an interest to meet him.

“I quite remember I had an upcoming program and I shared with someone my intentions of inviting Mahama to grace my show which initially I thought was just a joke” she said

“But the next day I had an interview with Showbiz and was quizzed by the Presenter to disclose something I really want in December so I jokingly told him I wanted to have lunch with Mahama but back then he was the vice President” she added

“I just said it as a joke to please the presenter but surprisingly within two days I had a call from the Castle that JM was inviting for lunch, it was superb and just an honor to have a personal lunch with John Mahama” she concluded.


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