Incompetence And Super Hilarious: Busy Internet Ghana Sends Lydia Forson A Father Day Gift–Saying She Has Been A Great Man And the Actress Ain’t Pleased

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Lydia Forson

The human beings or robots at Busy Internet Ghana must be really dumb to not know that Lydia Forson is a woman.

Ahead of Father’s Day, the actress who says she did not get anything from Busy Internet on Mother’s Day has been sent a bonus credit by the ISP, saying, she’s being rewarded for having been a GREAT MAN. 

Lydia Forson wrote on Facebook: “I know a lot of trolls are going to enjoy this but I just had to share.

So this is why busy internet didn’t send me a “Mother’s Day ” present.

And I can bet you, no ones getting fired.”

This is Ghana and no one gets fired for anything so Lydia Forson can keep quiet and use the bonus or send it our way.

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