VIDEO: Ghana's Parliament is Totally Useless, It Should Be Converted into A Tourist Site–Says Casely Hayford

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Casely Hayford

Ghanaian Financial Analyst and Social commentator, Sydney Casely Hayford has boldly stated that Ghana’s existing parliament is completely useless and that it’s costing the country more money than developing it.
As such, he says, parliament should be converted into a tourist site–as breaking it down will cost us money too.
Speaking at a summit on “The Economic and Political Rise of Africa”, he said: “The first thing I will do if I had the opportunity is to break down parliament. We don’t need it.”
“These people are sitting there, spending money like crazy, making stupid decisions, and passing stupid laws. They don’t read the papers that they are given, they don’t think through what the challenges are”, he added.
He continued:  “All they can think of is, let’s pass this thing quickly, let’s go to Senchi Royal, let’s go and sit there and chill and come back and that’s the pattern. Maybe if we break it down we are wasting money but maybe we can use it as a tourist attraction, we can say, this is what we used to do in the past, so come for a tour and then we should just poster it all so people can see.”
According to Casely Hayford, “We should have regional parliaments, every region, we have 10 of them in Ghana, every region must have its own legal parliament, every region must have its own law courts, every region must have its ministries and down at that level, let the decisions be made as to where they want to go.”
Check out the video below…

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