It 'Saddens Me' When People Criticize My Character As Demeaning To Ashantis – Lawyer Nti

Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, popularly known as Lawyer Nti for his portrayal of the lawyer in the satirical show ‘Kejetia vrs Makola’, says he feels saddened when people criticize his character as demeaning to Ashantis.
According to Amoakoh, that wasn’t the intention of the showrunners in creating the character.
Lawyer Nti is the star of the hit satirical show, a Kejetia trained ‘lawyer’ who struggles with the English language and employs the stereotypical Ashanti difficulty to pronounce ‘l’ and ‘r’correctly, among other difficulties.
Whilst the show is a huge hit, it seems some complaints have been directed at them for Nti’s character and Amoakoh says those kind of criticisms saddens him.
“Honestly, when people say that, it saddens my heart a lot because we didn’t have any intentions of doing that.” he told Joy News in an interview.
“If you look at the name I use in the show, it doesn’t show that I am from the Ashanti region or from any specific place….so for somebody to tag it as ‘Kumasi’, just because we are in Kumasi and doing the thing from Kumasi, it’s sad,”
He added: “People will say a lot of things; good and bad. When they come, you sit down and sieve through them and take the best ones out of them, and the ones you think you can correct, you make the changes,” he advised.


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