"Thanking God For This Beautiful Strong Woman That I am Lucky Enough To Still Be Calling My Wife Today"- Kevin Hart

The love spark has certainly been flamed up all over again in the home of comedian cum rapper Kevin Hart. The 38-year-old made headlines earlier this month at the back of a sex extortion scandal.
Reports had it that the obscene video had Kevin in bed with another woman. Though a source told People Eniko, Kevin’s second wife is cooperating with regards to the investigation, being cheated on obviously is having the snowball effect on her.
Kevin, on the other hand, apologised to Eniko and his children on a video he shared on his Instagram page and that was the last we heard from the scandal until today.
Mr Hart has again taken to his Instagram page to gush over his wife of one year and his soon to be mother of their first child.
He wrote:
“Thanking God for this beautiful strong woman that I am lucky enough to still be calling my wife today. You are truly amazing….Love you. #WCW#WCE#MyFuckingRib #Harts ….P.S please feel free to insert your hate below….I’m as strong as it gets people so that shit doesn’t phase me. I’m not a bitch which is why my page isn’t private. I hope your negativity makes your day better. Love ya.”


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