Ten Reasons Why You Should Own Gold–By Menzgold Ghana Limited

There are many options to consider when contemplating an investment opportunity – there are shares, bonds, and tons of other opportunities provided by an always active market.
And then there’s gold.
The mineral of choice for royalty throughout history, gold has many uses besides its utility as an investment tool.
However, this article is to talk about why gold stands out as an avenue for investment.
Many other forms of investment are more common than buying up gold, but gold possesses some unique advantages over stocks, bonds and good old cash in hand. Most especially because in times of trouble, people find solace in the long guaranteed security of gold holdings.
Below are ten reasons why you should go out and get yourself some gold reserves right about now…
Quite simply, gold has historically held its value, even in times of great financial volatility. So whether it’s as a short or long term investment, you’re guaranteed value for your money.
Holds against inflation
Inflation tends to reduce the value of investments but not that of gold, which historically tends to increase in value as cost of living rises. For the investor, it’s an excellent hedge against when things get hot in the economy.
On the other hand, when an economy suffers from deflation, Gold prices actually soar. So either way, your investment is secured.
Gold is quite rare on the planet, even though it doesn’t look like it. Because it’s a naturally occurring element which has to be mined and not a human creation like currency and other means of trading, gold is quite rare in relatively.
A substance that rare has immense value as market forces indicate. When demand is high and supply is low, prices soar.
Strengthens as Dollar Weakens
Historically, the dollar has been the world’s foremost trade currency, due in large part to the U.S’ status as the world’s most powerful nation – but it has never been the strongest performing currency. And gold prices inevitably soar as the performance of the dollar falls as people try to put their currency in other forms in such times.
Soars in times of Political Uncertainty
We live in a time of geopolitical uncertainty all over the world, and despite what one might think, gold prices actually go high in such times. The one guarantee that makes gold survive almost all crises is that people trust in its certainty during uncertain times and flock to it, raising its price.
Soars in times of Financial Uncertainty
Just like in times of political uncertainty, gold prices rise in times of financial uncertainty, and the reason for that is largely the same. Gold has always held value to man and is one of the oldest forms of currency we have. When people panic over a financial meltdown, they run to what they know would always have value – gold.
Provides Secure Back-Up To Other Investments
The biggest mistake any investor can make is pouring their money into stocks and bonds and neglect the safe guarantee of gold. As we’ve seen over and over, factors that make other forms of investment go down makes gold go high.
Gold is the jewellery of choice for royalty all over the world and thus has immense value in relation to other items. And owning gold always means you have the option to sell it not just on the financial market, but on your own to a lined up buyer, or to use it for your own purpose. And as we’ve established the value of gold is usually pretty high due to its rarity.
As investments go, you can scarcely do better than good old gold. Everyone knows it has value and it has maintained that value for millennia. It survives all times of crisis, be it economic or political, and it rises even when other forms of investments fall. Gold is secure, gold is familiar and gold is valuable – and people always prove that by flocking to gold when they think they’re in trouble. That alone shows why gold would always be an incredible route for investment.

By Menzgold Ghana Limited, a fully owned Ghanaian company that undertakes dealership in Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones and metals.
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