Captain Planet To Drop Another Hit Song (Akpeteshie)

The ‘Obi Agye Obi Girl’ hitmaker, Captain Planet is set to release another viral hit song titled ‘Akpeteshie’.
‘Akpeteshie’ is locally produced in Ghana from palm wine and has a lot of names, some people prefer calling it ‘apio’ and other funny names. Places were it’s been sold are normally called ‘blue kiosk’ so anytime someone says he/she is going to the ‘blue kiosk’ then obviously he/she is going to buy ‘akpeteshie’–alcohol.

As to why the Hiplife artiste, Captain Planet is pushing for the use of ‘Akpeteshie’ in his yet to be released song is still not known but surely we’ll get to know when he finally drops the banger.
The song even though has not been released but it is speculated that it is going to spark a lot of controversies and debates in the media space.
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Captain Planet who spent a whopping amount of $64,000 on the video of ‘Obi Agye Obi Girl’ is reported to have a huge budget for the music video of ‘Akpeteshie’ after its release before January 2018.

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