Former President Mahama –There Were Voting Irregularities In The 2016 Elections I Could Have Taken To Court

Former President John Dramani Mahama claims he could have challenged the results of the 2016 elections because there were massive irregularities with the vote.
Mahama passed the comments casting shadow on the elections which took him out of power during a recent interview whilst trying to show that he’s a big fan of democracy.
The former President complained that the NPP are the party fond of challenging election results and that even though he could have done the same last year, he decided to let it go.
“I could have gone round to gather all kinds of examples of over-voting and go to court but I don’t think that was good. The NDC is playing the game democratically. The NPP are the ones that often will never accept the verdict of the people when they have lost the election,” he said on GTV.
The former President said since 1992, the NPP has challenged every election they have lost but the NDC who truly understand democracy never do so, even if they believe the election was not entirely free and fair.


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