DNA Report Could Lead To Lebanese Rape Suspect Rabih Haddad's Release

The Lebanese suspect in the rape case of a Ghanaian househelp, Rabih Haddad, could soon be freed due to DNA evidence seemingly exonerating him.
A DNA report sighted by the Daily Guide newspaper seems to indicate that samples taken from the victim did not match the DNA of the alleged rapist.
Hadad allegedly raped his 19 year old househelp in his house and was arrested and placed on trial, but it looks like usual incompetence from the police could get him off a free man.
Read DailyGuide report below…
Police investigators handling the suspected rape case involving Lebanese national appear to be getting through with the case, as a DNA test on a 19-year-old house help who was allegedly raped by her Lebanese employer in his Airport Hills residence in Accra, gives a glimmer of hope to the accused.
An earlier lab report obtained from the Police Hospital dated December 3, 2017 according to DAILY GUIDE sources, had indicated that sperm was found on the lady.
Subsequently, further swabs were taken for forensic laboratory test to ascertain whether the sperm was that of Rabih Haddad’s, but it has turned negative, clearing the way for the possible freedom of the Lebanese, who has been under police custody at the Ridge Hospital.
DAILY GUIDE has gathered that the result of the forensic DNA test indicates that no sperm was found on the victim (name withheld), sharply contradicting the earlier Police Hospital report.
According to the DNA report titled, ‘The Republic Vrs Rabih Haddad,’ Lab No. DNA 66/17, “The virginal swab cuts reacted negatively to the test of human semen. Based on the DNA analysis, the suspect Rabih Haddad, can be excluded as a contributor to the DNA profile obtained from the Exhibit.”
The DNA report, a copy of which is in possession of DAILY GUIDE, states in its conclusion, “The victim, name withheld, is the sole contributor/source of the DNA profile generated from the Exhibit.”
The question that is yet to be answered is what could have caused the differences in opinion over whether or not there was sperm on the victim?
According to reports, the fluid taken from the girl might be virginal discharge.


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