Reverend Lawrence Tetteh Says He Is "Cool" With Reverend Owusu Bempah But We Won't Blame Him If It Was Otherwise- Owusu Bempah Is NOT The Nicest Person Right Now

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah

One name seems to be making headlines in this recent past. We are even safe to say the death of Ebony (may her soul find peace because she actually needs it) has made a lot of people popular than they have done in the entirety of their lives.
Reverend Lawrence Tetteh is everywhere right from the death of the dancehall diva to her one-week celebration way to the final internment. The man officiated her burial service and even paid for her casket which has sparked a new controversy on its own.
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The Founding President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach says he has no issues with Owusu Bempah who is not everyone’s favourite person as it stands.
According to reports, Rev.Owusu Bempah sort of disrupted the sermon of Lawrence Tetteh on his arrival at the funeral grounds of the late Ebony which prompted him to say the following.
“Ladies and gentlemen I’m preaching…I think this is one thing which we are doing in Ghana which is so disrespectful…A man of God is preaching; we should show respect: it is not right. Rev Isaac join me up the stage.”
Beyond that, the man in an interview with  Adom TV has refuted those claims that he has a brewing beef with Owusu Bempah and to make things even clearer, he said:
“Why do we love to create problems between pastors. Rev Owusu Bempah is my friend, why will I disrespect or embarrass him.
“Even the money he had on him that day, when he joined me up the stage I took all and shared it to people around us and told him that next time he should carry more money on him.
“He even called me yesterday and we had a lovely chat, he was surprised by the sort of commentary that was going on about the incident.”


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