Ras Mubarak "Bounced" By Israel From Entering Palestine After Being Invited By Palestinian Authority To Give A Speech

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Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kumbungu Constituency, Ras Mubarak is currently feeling the pangs of rejection and unhappiness as he has been denied entry into Palestine by Isreali Authorities even though he had been invited by the Palestinian Authority to give a speech in Ramallah. According to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP, he had been sent a prior invitation and given a permit to allow him entry into Isreal but when he arrived at the Jordanian border, they refused to let him cross over into Palestine. Obviously very displeased with such ill-treatment by the Israeli Authorities, Ras Mubarak took to his Facebook page to vent his spleen.
He wrote, “I was invited by the Palestinian Authority to give a speech in Ramallah. Israel issues a permit for me to go into Palestine. Just when I arrive at the boarder they won’t allow me to enter Palestine. What is this rogue state afraid of? The truth? That I would witness the occupation first hand and call them out for the terrorists they are? The politics of discrimination and apartheid should have no place to thrive in the 21st century. Alas, it is happening. A state that’s erroneously described as the only democracy in the middle east treats international law and conventions with contempt, flouts them with increasing regularity and maintains a brutal military occupation while the whole world looks on. If they change their minds and allow me entry, I would say what I plan to say. If they don’t, I would say it anyway. However how long it takes the oppressed Palestinian people would get Justice.”
The minority MP is actively involved in the Palestine Solidarity Movement in Ghana and has been very vocal about his stance. However, he is not the first African parliamentarian or dignitary to be denied entry into the OPT by Israel. South Africa’s Minister for Higher Education, Blade Nzimande was also denied entry in 2015 while on his way to Ramallah to promote research collaboration between the University of Johannesburg and institutions in the OPT.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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