Shatta Wale And I Are Like God And Satan But I Have 'Zero Competition' In Ghana – Stonebwoy

It seems Shatta Wale and his archnemesis Stonebwoy cannot go a whole week without mentioning each other. It is the same with their fans. Say something remotely positive about Shatta Wale and the whole BHIM Nation will be all up in your mentions and comments talking about how the “Stone God” as they call him has done more and is a generally better human being than Gbee Naabu. Talk about Stonebwoy and the SM militants will be there to remind you that their “daddy” as they call him is the biggest Shatta in the whole world and resort to calling the BHIM natives names like “Apakyeno” and the like.
It is like the followers of these two thrive on bashing each other. Maybe it is a case of having too much time on their hands and nothing profitable to do so they resort to devoting their lives to fighting for people who are hardly aware of their existence. Just a few days ago Shatta subliminally invited Stonebwoy to come join him so they “Gringo” together instead of blocking people for tweeting about it and eventually blocking his career.
Both of these guys strongly believe that they are the best at what they do and their fans believe so too. Even though Shatta Wale has bestowed the title “Dancehall King” upon himself, Stonebwoy believes he is the true champion of dancehall in Ghana without having to blow his trumpet. And he has four solid “Dancehall Artiste Of The Year” awards from the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards to prove it.
Stonebwoy was at Okay FM on Wednesday to have a chat with Odi Ahenkan Kwame Yeboah when he was asked who his closest competition in the music industry is and he was quick to answer “I don’t have any competition”. When pressed to mention the name everyone expected to hear he insisted he has “zero competition”. He, however, revealed that if it was the will of God that one day he performs with his label mate Shatta Wale on God, then His will be done.
Speaking of God, he went ahead to compare the relationship between him and the SM boss with that of God and Satan. As to who is God and who is Satan between the two, we are left to draw our own conclusions.


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