Possible Questions Going Through The Minds Of Ghanaians About The Death Of Ebony Reigns

Ebony Reigns

We are not publishing this article in any way to rekindle the pains and tears Ghanaians shared on February 8, 2018, when the life of a young, talented Ghanaian female singer, Ebony Reigns, was taken from her like a bird through a gory accident.
An accident that took away three lives and spared only one person, the driver living him “unscratched” ─If it’s luck, then indeed Ebony’s driver has the greatest of luck.

Today, we are writing this piece because the majority of our readers still do not understand certain things about the demise of their dancehall queen.
Even though reports claimed the accident was head to head collision on a potholed road.
Below are some of the questions Ghanaians keep asking;

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1. If it was head to head collision as the reports claimed, then why did the person who was seated behind the driver got crushed whiles the driver who was rather in front was left unharmed?
2. Could it be possible that the driver had vanished from the car upon seeing what was coming, leaving the 3, Ebony Reigns, Franky Kuri and Francis Atsu Vondee so helpless to their death?
3. We are also asking if the driver had left the car before the accident occurred, then could this be luck or an assassination strategy?
4. Did these previous 3 lives perish because their luck was not strong enough to protect them from the icy hands of death?
Let value our lives and that of our celebrities because they are our source of happiness.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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