Critics Support Medikal To Date Fella Makafui After He Posted On Social Media He Has Fallen In Love With Her

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Ghanaian musician, Medikal who is rumoured to have broken up with his girlfriend all because of hypes has eventually told the world that he is seriously in love with his new girlfriend Fella.

He released a song for Derby and in the song he stated his new girlfriend is Fella who has big bortos and we all thought the two were playing with our minds but we have finally gotten the confirmation that Medikal has dumped sister, Derby.

In his long post on Instagram, he stated that he has been friends with Fella for five years now and he has finally fallen in love with her.

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He added that everyone has an ex so people should stop criticizing him because he never planned on leaving Derby on a bad note.

Well, some social media folks who criticised Medikal for painfully jilting Sister Derby for Fella Makafui have praised and backed Medikal to continue his love journey with the love of his life, Fella.

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5 years ago we became friends. you’ve always been hard working and a very strong respectful powerful black woman. You teach me a lot of things day in and day out.People criticize me as if they’ve never had ex’s and aren’t into new relationships but anyway I guess that’s how it goes.Its also rather unfortunate that Some people don’t understand us and say or act towards however they feel and sad how they don’t know what led to my current breakup with my ex.I never expected to be foes with my ex after our breakup, wanted us to still stay cool as good friends because who knows what might happen next in this life ? but unfortunately she is out there mocking me and you with songs and videos etc.I want the world to know I’m glad I found you and finally fell in love with you after several years of friendship.Im in love with your hard African face and your dark skin as they say.Your beauty is impeccable and your level of maturity can’t be taken away from you! ❤️

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