Jon Benjamin Drives A Stake Through BHIM Nation Fans — Says Virtually NOBODY Knows Stonebwoy In The U.K

Former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has thrown cold water onto the celebrations of any BHIM nation fateful after Stephanie Benson threw some huge praise Stonebwoy’s way. Benjamin, who retains a keen interest in Ghanaian affairs despite leaving his post, pooh pooed a claim by Benson that Stonebwoy was widely known in the … Read more

Sh*thole Brouhaha: "Obinim Turning Into A Talking Snake" Is The Only Thing That'll Make Me Come Back To Ghana — Jon Benjamin

Jon Benjamin, the former British High Commissioner to Ghana has shockingly disclosed the only reason that’ll make him come back to Ghana. Jon Benjamin who is considered as one of the best and affable foreign diplomat Ghana has ever had brought his job as a UK High Commissioner to Ghana to a successful end in 2017 with … Read more

Don't Try That 'Dirty' Slap When You Come To The UK Or Else!–Jon Benjamin Warns Shatta Wale

The former High Commissioner of United Kingdom to Ghana-Jon Benjamin is at it again on twitter, this time not on John Dumelo but on ‘Gbe Na Bu’ Shatta Wale for slapping his bodyguard during the S-concert 2017. Shatta Wale would have been in the grips of the law if it was in any serious country … Read more

Jon Benjamin Trolls John Dumelo On Twitter Over Stolen V8 Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicle

Whoever thought the saga surrounding the alleged V8 Toyota land cruiser stolen by John Dumelo had gone to sleep is just dreaming, the whole saga has been revisited again but this time in a funny way by Former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin. The High Commissioner took his twitter handle to troll the … Read more

Photo: Shatta Wale Shares A Pint With Jon Benjamin

‘Self proclaimed’ dancehall king Shatta Wale met with and shared a glass of refreshing beer with former UK High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin. Wale is in the UK following his electrifying performance at the first ever ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ UK, and met the former diplomat who’s back in his home country after completing his … Read more

Jon Benjamin Tears Into 'S*xist' John Dumelo For Comments Saying Rich Women Are Disrespectful – Asks If Them Gifting Him A V8 Would Also Be Classified As 'Disrespectful'

John Dumelo is in the cross hairs of former United Kingdom Ambassador to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, following some s*xist comments he passed about women on national television. Dumelo said on GTV’s ‘What Men Like’ that he prefers dating women who are not so well off because those who are filthy rich usually are disrespectful due … Read more

VIDEO: Jon Benjamin Sets Out the 3 Solid Criteria You Need to Meet to Get A UK Visa in An Exclusive Interview–As He Talks About His 3-Year Stay in Ghana, What He Will Miss Most About Ghana, Why As A Diplomat He’s ‘Loud’ On Twitter And MORE

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has exhausted his time as UK’s representative to Ghana and our sister nations (he’s also ambassador to Togo and the Republic of Benin.) Benjamin, an outspoken, uncompromising and often controversial personality, is going back home to London after serving his three-year term. In many ways, Jon Benjamin … Read more

We Appreciate And Love You – Yvonne Nelson To Jon Benjamin

UK’s High commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin prepares his official exit from the country as a Diplomat, following the U.K’s authority reshuffling him to official duties in his home country after being an expatriate in a number of countries over a long period of time as an ambassador. According to Jon’s twitter profile where some … Read more

Jon Benjamin Settles Ghana-Naija Jollof Battle Once And For All (WE WON!)

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin (whom GhanaCelebrities.Com would be exclusively interviewing quite soon) – has exalted the qualities of Ghana jollof over its Nigerian counterpart. According to the outspoken diplomat, Ghana jollof is his favourite dish and miles better than Nigeria’s, a fact he enjoys telling his Nigerian friends.

Upcoming Exclusive Interview With British High Commissioner-Jon Benjamin–Ask Your Questions From Visas to Football

GhanaCelebrities.Com is scheduled to host an exclusive interview with the outgoing British High Commissioner-Jon Benjamina and we invite your questions. What do you want to ask him? From UK Visas to Football via Diplomacy and UK relations; just let us know and we will ask it for you. Jon Benjamin has been the British High … Read more

VIDEO: Afia Schwarzenegger Insults British High Commissioner to Ghana-Jon Benjamin–Says He’s A Riff Raff Who Does Not Respect Himself

The problem with camera phones and social media is; the two freely give everyone with access a platform to say whatever the person desires–even if it does not add anything important to the conversation. Weed addict and drunkard-Afia Schwarzenegger must have increased her substance intact–as she has recorded an unnecessary video, attacking the person of British … Read more

Euro Star CEO-Oscar Doe ‘Insults’ British High Commissioner to Ghana-Jon Benjamin Over MP Visa Fraud Saga–Says He’s Full of Nonsense

Oscar Doe, said to be a Ghanaian millionaire describes himself as “President & Exe.Chairman of Eurostarlimousine” on his Instagram. He’s the man behind the unworthy rewarding of Ghanaian Celebrities for red carpet best dressed–which many say just breeds unnecessary rivalry and encourage the superficial culture of red carpet “SLAYING.” Doe has taken to Instagram to literally … Read more

1st Deputy Speaker of Parliament Says UK High Commissioner-Jon Benjamin Lacks Decency

The problem with the Ghanaians society is the increasing filth of corruption and scam–one of many which a letter from UK High Commissioner-Jon Benjamin to parliament has brought to light. Instead of every right-thinking Ghanaian, especially those in authority condemning the actions of the 4 parliamentarians said to have violated UK visa rules, the First Deputy … Read more

End of Era: British High Commissioner-Jon Benjamin Leaves Ghana in July As Iain Walker Takes Over

The most lively and controversial diplomat Ghana has ever seen-Jon Benjamin, the British High Commissioner to Ghana will in July end his mission to Ghana, with a new Commissioner -Iain Walker set to take over. Jon Benjamin’s presence in Ghana will be missed–as his twitter commentaries and uncommon take on issues are well cherished, just … Read more

“Jon Benjamin Talks So Much Rubbish” Avram Grant’s Spokesman Fires Shot At the UK High Commissioner to Ghana

British High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin’s presence on twitter has often been causing some stir on the platform. The last time it was his “harmattan joke ” which Ghanaians found unfriendly and disrespectful to Ex-President  Mahama. Today it is Avram Grant’s spokesman, Saif Rubie who is at the throat of Jon for tweeting that “Watching the … Read more

Jon Benjamin Reveals Timeline For Exiting Ghana And No Doubt Some Ghanians Are Jumping For Joy

One of the more bizzare storylines of last year involved the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, making a seemingly innocuous tweet about the harmattan which brought down legions of Ghanaians on his back. Benjamin is a very active and generally mischievous twitter user who engages in banter and makes numerous jokes daily – … Read more

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Jon Benjamin. Ghanaians. Harmattan. Free Speech.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”–Evelyn Beatrice Hall, sometimes wrongly attributed to Voltaire. Perhaps, Ghanaian social media users do not understand the essence of freedom of speech and they obviously think the offensiveness of a message rests in the nationality … Read more

Check Out Jon Benjamin's Harmless Harmattan Tweet That Got Some Ghanaians Fuming With Anger

If you are a follower of Jon Benjamin then you must be in the known that he is insanely funny and has a lot of humour to spare. From Religion to politics to music or whatever, his name is likely to pop behind one Tweet or another. In his latest, he talks about the harmattan … Read more

Jon Benjamin Reveals His 'Ghanaian Name' And It's A Homage To One Of His Favourite Ghanaians

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has revealed his ‘Ghanaian name’, and it hilariously contains a nod to one of his favourite Ghanaians. In response to a query on twitter on what his Ghanaian name was, the High Commissioner responded with his chosen name – ‘Jon Kwame Obinim-jamin.’

There Were Zero Animals On Noah's Ark – Jon Benjamin

The UK High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has dismissed the firmly held Christian truth of the story of Noah’s Ark, dismissing it as nothing but a fairy tale. Utilising his favourite medium of twitter to respond to a story from the creationist ministry ‘Ark Encounter’ about the number of animals who must have been … Read more

Between Wanlov And D-Black, I Choose…. – Check Out Jon Benjamin's Witty Response To A Twitter User's Question On The Hottest Beef In GH Right Now

The biggest beef on Gh music right now involves Wanlov da Kubolor and D-Black, with D-Black finally snapping at some attacks aimed at him by Wanlov and retaliating with a diss track. On twitter Friday, British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, waded into the feud at the invitation of a curious user interested in … Read more

Jon Benjamin Calls On President-Elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has paid a courtesy call on the President-elect of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, to present to him the official response of the British government to his recent election. Benjamin congratulated the 72 year old through a statement after his election, but called on him personally today … Read more

Narcissistic T.B Joshua Thinks Any Criticism Of Him Is Invalid – Jon Benjamin

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has reacted to T.B Joshua’s arrogant claim that only prophets can understand his prophecies and that those criticising him for his failed US election prophecy are ‘not on his level’. Benjamin, reacting to the story, said that the prophet’s response showed that he thinks he is above criticism … Read more

Shatta Wale Thanks Jon Benjamin For Massive Support – Christens Him 'Shatta JB'

Shatta Wale has expressed gratitude to Jon Benjamin, the UK’s High Commissioner to Ghana, for the massive support the diplomat has shown to the cause of the SM4Lyf movement. Benjamin has expressed public support numerous times to the dancehall act, including before his recent headline act in London Indigo at the O2.