Pictures of Eugene Baah & Beverly Afaglo Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Baah

Hip Life artiste Eugene Baah a.k.a. Praye Ho Ne Ho of Praye fame and award winning actress Beverly Afaglo tied the nuptial knot last Saturday April 14 at the Action Chapel in Tema.

We published the engagement pictures in our previous post. Here are the wedding pictures.

Once again join GhanaCelebrities.Com to say Congrats to them.













GC Staff

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naomi says:

the dress is out of latest fashion, am totally disappointed.they all look untidy.They really rushed into marrying, i quess it’s because she’s pregnant. they fornicated so there’s no God’s blessing.

Opanin says:

@naomi, DEY FORNICATED MY ASS. are u married??? i guess not, but u f*ck abi??????nonsense…are you God to determine who has his blessing or not…wano s3 beef

honey says:

@Opanin, lmaaaaaaaaaaooooo opanyin stop ur craziness ok,u have me cracking up here.lmaaooooooo but i agree with u….trust me,majority of all teens are having s*x now(we all did lol). so i dont see how ppl fornicating before marriage is an issue. atleast they got married.

jamaica says:

mss channel i dey see say bev tke eugene frm u..e dey pain u papa hahahaaa lol, evryone sees yr envy. sit dwn and continue wit yr ashawo on the one will marry u ajeeeee!! ofui..dey are perfct together. stephani okereke weddn my foot hw popular ws it lyk eug and bev.
i luv praye

franca says:

Hi Beverly i love ur wedding dress.God bless u and Eugene.Now Eugene listin love ur wife like never be 4 and AS wel as u ma lady BEE.congrat 2 u both do not mina what ghanainaz are sayin keep ur heads up

Miss Chanel says:

@franca, f*ck yourself franca

jamaica says:

U are. A fool steph okerreke my foot. She. Cant. Be compared to my. Iconz @Miss Chanel, ashawo shennel

Miss Chanel says:

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Please refer to Stephie Okereke’s wedding. That is all? Was this some scene from a cheap movie? Mscheeeeeew! Cheap Bitch!

Opanin says:

@Miss Chanel, for someone callin himself/herself Miss chanel, i guess u realli understand the word fake.

decoder says:

Is this a celebrity wedding for praye,can they post some picture of the guest and the alter for we the viewers..i rest my case!!!!

elorm ama boadi says:

@decoder, it was a church office wedding wai. her pix with jackie appia was is if it was jackie having the wedding. 

maka says:

looking like a bubble wrap ready to be popped

KikuyuChic says:

@maka, hahahahaha!!

Ako says:

That wedding dress coulda been better Beverly. we know u are pregnant and in a hurry,so then u should hv just gone to the registrar generals instead. the dress looks like that thing they put around electrical appliances; u know that thing that has bubbles that we used to pop as kids,SMH! ITS TACKY. anyway,u got married ,thats the most important, so congrats. those of us laughing at u are still struggling though and praying for God’s mercy 0_0

ahhh too nice ooh

maka aa maka says:

lmmmaaaaaaaaoooooooo @sasha’s comment!that got me on d floor..d wedding looks a i wish them a happy life

tosefa says:

@becca and all my critics”As a piece of literacy” Criticism,frends best writing is about Dostoyeusky.”ur critics is a kind of displaced literacy criticism….”

Maame says:

her dress is freaking ratchet!! like damn gosh can our Ghanaian celebrity have a little bit more class. got damn im mad but anyways i wish them a happy life. 

KikuyuChic says:

@Maame, IKR?!! (I know right?) Seriously I don’t know how anyone can find that dress anything but outrageously ugly!

GieGie says:

@KikuyuChic, u shouldnt be surprised, she DOES dress tacky lots of times..i just thought someone else would pick out her dress for her. Unfortunaltely she did it herself so…hideousness!!

KikuyuChic says:

@GieGie, I couldn’t agree more!! Goodness that dress is an eyesore!

Myladymo says:

@KikuyuChic, Fake bouquet really???its 2012…plus she is meant to be a celebrity?smh.that dress damn…sorry but your “celebrities” are still living in the 90s,they have a LONG LONG way to go…anyhow Wish them a happy married life.

KikuyuChic says:

@Myladymo, It’s absolutely appalling isn’t it? And yes, apparently she’s a celebrity. Fake bouquet and all. Hahaha!!

And oh honey I’m not offended at all, I’m not ghanaian at all so you shouldn’t be in the least bit worried. Lol! Ghana is fabulous but really when presented with the likes of these….

KikuyuChic says:

@Myladymo, Since we’re looking for a classy wedding let’s rid our eyes of this mess and look at Stephanie Okereke’s wedding for an idea of just how celebrity weddings ought to be 🙂 and no, I’m not Nigerian. I’m East African 🙂 Part Ethiopian part Kenyan :-))

elorm ama boadi says:

@Maame,  seriously, celebrity does not suit them both. gosh! what kind of horrifying dressing 2 ur own wedding is this? if u spell, dnt write. infact, whoever that made that dress 4 u does not love u and does not have ur interest @ heart. Infact that person should be banned 4rom tailoring. the material is soooo cheap and the blinks is too much in the dress. ur maid of houners koraaaa is worse. so she see anything wrong with ur crown and dress? ur earrings are too big so u should have avoided the necklace. I still cant believe u are the 1i see so smashy dressed on t.v or its la borrow. Its obvious u were pregnant when u got married so things were done in a rash. Bt still koraaaaa, u could have done better. its as if u forced eugene into marrying u cause his appearance looks disturbing. no haircut, no combing of hair and there is no smiles on his face. this is the most wack and poor wedding have ever seen. if u guys are celebs, behave as such wai.

Tilly says:

Congrats to u two even though Cris couldn’t report it first, ve a blissful marriage

Snooki says:

Congrats but i can see a baby bump in that dress.

Opanin says:

@Snooki, where??? ur eyes must definately be seeing ghosts……even if she’s pregnant, wht be ur own?????kokonsa, wano s3 beef

kwame says:


Opanin says:

is dis for real???????????? wanna wish dem well cos it’s not an easy road…i just got married maself so i know how dese things are…congrats people.

my only reservation,why didn’t Eugene get himself a haircut?????considering that dis is a once in a lifeline thing…..he could have done better than that. i don’t thing he’ll attend the music awards with such unkept hair, why den did he do it for his wedding?

happy marriage.

Sasha says:

@Opanin,Eugene didn’t have a hair cut b’cuz bushy hair makes him taller

Opanin says:

@Sasha, hahahahahahhaa…..i like dat…but seriously, who goes to his wedding looking lyk dat??? unless this is supposed to be april fool come late…….

KikuyuChic says:

Yup! She’s definitely preggers! (Pregnant) Her tummy looks bigger, not to mention she’s gotten pregnant nose. It’s grown considerably wider (which happens in pregnancy). Her wedding dress is hideous!! So is the maid of honor’s dress, plus tacky jewellry. I never pegged her to be the tacky type. 

All in all, I wish them happiness and wedded bliss throughout their lives together. May they have a beautiful bouncing baby (coming sooner, rather than later from the look of things).

Rocklyn Love says:

@KikuyuChic, hahahaha de maid bot her jewellry with her own money that y,,,, this is too cheap….. but her dress is nice n i dont think de groom even comb his hair…..he looks smhow tired.. poor Beverly.. anyway where is praye tin tin

becca says:

@Rocklyn Love, and so wat mine ur own f*ckin bussiness animal….

KikuyuChic says:

@becca, aaaah Becca! You must be Beverly herself to hold such sentiment. Go on you silly little fool. Defend yourself! LMAO! That. or must have been the stylist she hired to dress her for her wedding! It’s quite evident that your english is lacking… “Mine your own what?” HAHAHA!! You’re an absolute villager!

KikuyuChic says:

@becca, and your spelling is just downright horrid!

KikuyuChic says:

@Rocklyn Love, WELL SAID! HAHAHA!!!

elorm ama boadi says:

@Rocklyn Love, uve said it all.  wedding comes once in a life of every person, especially we the ladies. beverly, u did not try at all, why was it by force if u dnt have the means? how can u wear such a scary dress for ur wedding? and ur crown looks like 1990 mis gh crown. am soooooooooo disapponted @ the whole show. why dnt u have sisters who could advice u that ur gown looks horrible? if u have sisters and they coulldnt tell u that from ur head 2 toe was bad, then they love u. is ur mum not around 2 tell u? Well all the best    

nanya martinson says:

congrats God bless ur marriage

`madam social says:

congrats! wishing u all the best.

revo-Lucian says:

@tosifa n lola. I can smell the hate and bitterness oozing off u so please stop it,not a good look on u.No one knows who they’re gonna fall in love with. Moreover she’s been fortunate enough to snag a younger guy “wink”more power to u girl.

revolucian says:

@tosifa I can smell the hate and bitterness oozing off u so please stop it,not a good look on u.No one knows who they’re gonna fall in love with. Moreover she’s been fortunate enough to snag a younger guy “wink”more power to u girl.

lola says:

she looks like his grandmother, yikes

ato says:

@lola, so what? shame on you.

kujo says:

@tosefa, na true oo! The woman is a bit older.

tosefa says:

20years and 30years why beverly wrong match”..

ato says:

@tosefa, are you their parents aaba ,age is just a number its love that matters,ghanafo kasa dodo.

becca says:

@tosefa, u re foooool, is none of ur bussiness aaaaah,

Papa Sly says:

@tosefa,@Rocklyn Love, Go look for your young husband and stop disturbing our ears!!

ato says:

congratulations ,wishing you every success happiness in your marriage .

Rocklyn Love says:

The honour of every woman…. congrat to her… hey is dat praye ho ne ho… he look shorter… hmmmm de lady might be older dan him… hmmmmm

Africa of Katanga Hall says:

@Rocklyn Love, Age has notin to do wif Luv…U Ghanaians shld knw dat n stop criticizn

Rocklyn Love says:

@Africa of Katanga Hall, we all knw dat… but smtimes it count wati. punto

Papa Sly says:

@Rocklyn Love, Go look for your young husband and stop disturbing our ears!!

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