Eazzy Reshoots ‘Wengeze’ Music Video…What For? Absolute Waste Of Time & Money Now!

Eazzy Shots New Video For 'Wengeze'

Eazzy Shots New Video For ‘Wengeze’

I wonder when some of these Ghanaian celebrities/local champions will begin to pay attention…I am not an expert in everything but my judgement on certain things can be taken on board to quickly redeem them.

On 28th July, 2010 (9:5oam), I wrote about Eazzy’s ‘Wengeze’ music video after  few hours of release. I captioned that write-up ‘Who The Heck Directed Eazzy’s Wengeze Video’. I wrote that; (CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST)

What is Eazzy’s Wengeze music video all about?  A question I asked myself after spending 3 minutes, 33 seconds behind my computer to watch the crap video. Geeez! Funny the director of the video’s name didn’t show up, like I would have smack the heck outta him or her.

As a danceable tune, I feel it needs a hardcore crazy dance to go with it. But what we see in the video is too dull for the song. How about having some girls shake  their ‘booty’ to match up with the dance?

Instead of Eazzy and her management (Lynx Entertainment at that time) taking my criticism at heart and correct the video, they came out saying ‘I am hating and I do not know what I am talking about’.

I may not be a music video director but I surely have a good eye and can spot appealing music videos.  I have always trusted my opinion on such things…LOL

Almost a year after my criticism, Eazzy and her new management have decided to trash the old music video, and they are currently reported to be on set shooting a new video for ‘Wengeze’ .

My question is; what for? Who really cares about ‘Wengeze’  at this time? Girl, better hit the studio and record some new tune which will appeal to Africa music lovers. We are tired of recycling…You had the chance to make correction when some of us told you but you arrogantly ignored our opinions.

It is over for that song! PERIOD!

See the Old Video Below

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