GC Exclusive: Actress Juliet Ibrahim Cuts Hair…Joins The Growing ‘Natural’ Women Club

Juliet Ibrahim natural hair
Juliet Ibrahim natural hair

Where are my natural women…Becca, Lydia Forson, Pascaline Edwards, Akorfa Asiedu and others? You have a new club member and she is s*xy Juliet Ibrahim (I prefer calling her Sexy Jules even though she hates it…LOL).

Juliet Ibrahim has decided to join the fast growing natural hair club of confident women in Ghana…And to be frank, she looks very beautiful…She looks so young with the cut!

I am sure her husband read my article, why I would never pay for the cost of weaves or wigs for my girl and he must have said, cut it off or I am not footing that huge bill again…JUST KIDDING!

Check out the photos below

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Juliet Ibrahim natural hair


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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Of course you could brave the big chop…if one style isnt working for you try another. check the various styles on youtube and be creative yourself n trust me you will have fun. i must admit it was quite daunting for me at first but 2years on and im loving i.
Juliet is looking fab!

@KENWOOD, you will be one of the first person to complain she looks skinny should she lose weight. She’s happy with herself and i bet her husband enjoys her curvy figure so pls let her be.

@KENWOOD, she is not big at all. she just has big hips n buttocks. she has a nice shape so hush yeah


wow, infact, you’ve really inspired me to remain natural. there’s nothing wrong with our natural hair, it also looks very beautiful. and you look really young by the way