READERS’ MAIL: Being Gay Is Never A Natural Feeling But An Evil Desire We Must Detest

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Dear Chris,

Hope you are doing well by the grace of God. It is my wish that you will give my letter an equal attention and publication just as you have given to the Ernest who claim to be born a gay.

First of all let’s look at it this way, there has never been any fact that scientist have proof that homos*xual is an in-born thing. Much of our media sources today assume the question of homos*xual being an in-born is a solved scientific problem with all the evidence pointing toward a biological (probably genetic) basis for a homos*xual orientation.

Contrary to this perception, the question has been poorly studied (or studied poorly), although there maybe some evidence on sides of question as Ernest is claiming to be one (a proof). In addition, many of the initial studies, which were highly touted by the media or advocates  as “proof” for a biological basis for homos*xuality, have been contradicted by later, more thorough studies.

In his submission he points some locations where he knew people who are in the same shoe as him but I want to lament that it is a fallacy, as says best in a proverb that “only a lying man who claims his only witness lives abroad”.

If what Ernest is assuming or saying about himself is true then he does not need another person to proof he is right because his is at best his witness. All he need is his doctor’s report and the credibility of the doctor and for the doctor to accept having done the test on him.  Let us assume for the sake of argument that some people are born homos*xual.

Does this mean they should be free to indulge in homos*xual behavior? Unmarried heteros*xual men could easily argue that they are genetically wired to desire premarital s*x. Some evidence exists that certain people are biologically more prone to alcoholism.

But just because a person has certain desires or inclinations, this does not mean that it is moral to act on those urges. There are thieves and Arm robbers in every corner of the globe does not mean we should conclude that people are born to be thieves and arm robbers even as we know that some people have that desire of jealousy which leads them into the act.

READERS’ MAIL: Now We All Know Being GAY Is Natural & Not Evil

 I kept saying that we as Africans should not let our moral traditions and cultures be deem by a so called power from above into accepting immorality into our humbly abode, there is no culture, tradition or even religion in Africa that support homos*xual to be moral, in fact I have seen no religion in this world which’s teachings are in support of this homos*xual. I read about scientist trying to prove that some people are born with this sickness but what they fail to tell us is one scientist who will boldly stand up and tell us how he conducted the search and test in arriving to that and who is the victim who was born with suck a sickness.

In other words if it is true that some people were born with this sickness as Ernest is claiming to be one, we can find a solution to it just as we are improving day-in-day-out in finding solution to people who are born with diseases of sickle-cell anaemia, epilepsy, hernia, aids and many others. Even scientist are saying different thing from what promoters of homos*xuals are saying as quoted here “The causes of homos*xuality are not fully understood, and many people who struggle with the temptations do not choose or want them.

There has been much debate over the issue of nature versus nurture, but scientists have been unable to find a genetic cause for homos*xuality. Dr. Dean Hamer (who coined the phrase “gay gene” ) said, “We have not found the gene—which we don’t think exists—for s*xual orientation.” Another study concluded, “Critical review shows the evidence favoring a biologic (genetic) theory to be lacking.”There may be genetic factors that have yet to be discovered, but the development of homos*xual desires often appears rooted in an individual’s upbringing” With this conclusion if anything at all we can predominantly say that the act of homos*xuals is a demonic attack which needs an exorcism.

As a matter of fact gay and lesbian to put it right are not a right under moral condition, morally it is a wrong and let us not make it politically right. Homos*xual is demonic attack on people especially people who are in need because the devil always capitalize on our week points to move his agenda through. Most of the people who are under this attack of homos*xuality are because of money, fame, power, recognition, frustration and so on.

Researchers have  frequently encountered the following three issues related to the onset of homos*xual attractions which I might help my brother Ernest to realise where his problem is coming from so he can start working in solving it.

One: Sexual abuse. If a young woman is abused by any male, she may subconsciously think, “Men must all be like you, and no man will do that to me! I don’t want to be hurt that way again.” At times homos*xuality becomes a shield for the heart and a sort of haven to escape the hurt of abusive relationships. It is understandable that a person hurt in the past would want to avoid future relationships that cause pain—and pain may be all a person knows from the opposite s*x. Also, a child who was s*xually abused by a member of the same s*x can become confused about his or her s*xual orientation.

Two: Sometimes the opposite-s*x parent is too enmeshed in the life of the child. For example, a mother and son can rely too exclusively on one another for needs that should be met elsewhere. This can contribute to gender identity confusion in the child.

Three: The same-s*x parent may be emotionally or physically absent. In the case of a young man, the absence of a father may lead to feelings of inferiority or rejection by peers when it comes to athletic endeavour with the other guys. Other times, a father can be so critical of a son that the dad never bothers to affirm the manhood of the young man. This can cause a young man to feel an inability to relate to his own gender. It is common that as a young man matures he will seek to identify with what is masculine. Sometimes this desire to identify with a guy who is particularly masculine may be confused with the onset of homos*xuality.

If a young man acts on this and begins to explore homos*xuality, he may gradually come to believe that his orientation is homos*xual. But the attraction may have been there simply because the other guy possessed a degree of masculinity that the young man admired and feared he lacked.

This admiration of a member of the same s*x is not uncommon during adolescence, for women as well as men. During this time young people are trying to discover their identity. They often go through a maturing process that moves them from a strong interest in same-s*x friendships to a primary interest in opposite-s*x relationships. It is not unusual for adolescents to feel confusion in the midst of their rapid s*xual development, identity search, and maturing of interests. We are more open to learning but homos*xuality is not an acceptable act of human being. It was wrong yesterday, it is wrong today and it will be wrong tomorrow.

From: Frankquophy Awuku Hanyabui


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