PYPER PEBBLES WRITES: The Tables Have Turned; Men Are Now Trapping Women With Pregnancy

whatsapp-image-2016-12-02-at-7-27-58-pmThey say that a child cannot keep a relationship together and women are usually the ones who come to mind in this type of scenario — the woman gets pregnant with hopes of softening the man’s heart into giving the relationship another chance.

But she isn’t the only one who plays this deck of cards, men are also guilty of doing this. Men have been known to burst condoms or find other deceitful ways of getting women pregnant, all in an attempt to emotionally trap the women into staying with them.

But this never works, as often the women grow resentful and burdened being with someone they no longer care for, and this arts and crafts patchwork of a relationship doesn’t last long, slowly falling apart and becoming

When this happens, some men find it hard to let go of the women and will use the children as pawns, a way of getting to see their exes.

If this doesn’t work, they can become vindictive and refuse to help take care of their children’s needs. Some will even stop seeing the children to prove a point, and as such, the same child that was used as a band-aid in the relationship becomes a victim.

If a relationship has died, bringing a new life into it isn’t going to save it; it’s only going to complicate an already complicated situation.

It is more common than some people think. Some women have had plenty of ex-boyfriends trying to get them pregnant on purpose to “keep them”.

If you were to present this scenario to a psychologist, they call it reproductive coercion. This is prevalent in abusive
relationships, where a man attempts to force/trick a woman into getting pregnant, so he can control/keep her.

Some of these guys out here will start kicking that “I love you” game, talking about the future and what not…basically telling a female everything she wants to hear to manipulate her into staying with him.

Tricking someone into becoming a parent is just plain wrong— but it seems to be a what is good for the goose is good for the gander situation.

In any case, men are apparently just as guilty of tricking women into pregnancy as women are of trapping men into
fatherhood. At least, that’s what a new study has found.

When I came across a guy like that, it was all over him. I was floored to learn that 16 percent of men trick women into pregnancy by somehow sabotaging their birth control, either by poking holes in their own condoms or actually hiding their lady’s birth control pills.

Naturally, at first, I was disgusted and surprised with such a pathetic dude. And then I began to feel so terribly sorry for the woman whom he might tricked into a pregnancy they never planned for or wanted.

Even though I want nothing more than to have a baby and become a mother, I realised that is not
what all women want, and I totally respect a woman’s right to decide for herself when— and if — motherhood is for her.

Of course, the whole topic deserves a deeper look than just my two cents. So here’s what the experts say (as featured
on Counsel & Heal ), mixed in with my —you guessed it, two cents:

Many men have “an intense desire” to start a family, which is why they might get their female partner pregnant against her will.

This has the makings of a totally dysfunctional and unhealthy family written all over it. Seriously, do you think that’s the foundation of a good family?

Many men who experienced a poor family home of their own want something better. Pretty sure going against your lady’s plans and knocking her up anyway isn’t the way to start “something better.”

Some young men want to leave a legacy— of what?, elite douchebaggery? while this was once deemed a problem
of low-income, poorly educated women, “pregnancy coercion” (as it’s formerly called), this happens to women regardless of socioeconomic or educational background now.

Basically, this could be your neighbour, ladies— heck, this could be you being tied down with something you never wanted!.

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