Mzbel is a ‘Saucy’ Girl

blankMzbel simply means Miss Belinda, born Belinda Amoah is going through a couple of faces and she’s still doing pretty well. Aside that, it was just colourful at the Boomerang Night Club as the sexy girl and other artistes on the Paradise Entertainment, Mimi, 4×4, VIP and Quata performed in solidarity to help their label mate launch her latest album ‘Saucy Girl’.

After some photo shoot and several chit-chats, Mimi who is nominated in the discovery of the year in the Ghana Music Awards performed two of her songs, ‘DJ’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’. 4×4’s Captain Planet who is featured on ‘Leave Me Alone’ came on stage to do his rap.

Mimi left the stage after the second song, Abortion and Fresh Prince then joined Captain Planet to deliver their hit song ‘World Trade Centre’ followed by ‘Fresh Ones’.

The crowds were in the zenith of ecstasy and then entered VIP (Vision in Progress). They performed ‘Ahomka Wom’ and ‘I Think I Like Am’. The crowds requested for ‘Besin’ but they had to vacate the stage for the sexiest lady.

She revisited her past albums and performed songs from both albums from Awoso Me to 16 Years to Yopoo to E Dey Be to Saucy Girl to Runaway. She brought out the mannerism of a 16 years old girl like she said in one of her songs ‘I be 16 years, I go dey be like this o, If you touch my thing o, I go tell Mummy o, I be 16 years, I go dey be like this o, If you touch my thing o, I go tell Poppy o’.

Quata who is featured on two songs Sexy Thing and Turn Me On joined her to perform those tracks. If you were part of the large crowds at the Boomerang Night Club, you would just believe that Mzbel is 16 years. Until I went to the Boomerang Night Club, I thought bikini was only worn at beach but Mzbel proved me wrong.

She satisfies the adage ‘old wine, sure does taste good’. Time and experience has given her much confidence and the stage craft, she was really in her element backed by her sexy dancers, Mzbel thrilled the large club goers with what she is known for.

She is by far one of the gifted and sexiest ladies in the game. Forget what you have heard or seen before, she rocked the Boomerang Night Club with her sex appeal moves which occasionally drew applause from the crowd, made up of mostly ladies.

Her debut album was ‘Awoso Me’ which got her awarded in Uk and. The second album was titled ‘16 years’ with songs like ‘Yopoo’, and the title track.

E Dey Be’ was her third album which featured Castro on the title track. Now ‘Saucy Girl’ is Mzbel’s fourth album and latest album. It has diverse songs on it, with tracks like ‘Run Away’; also the video of the track has been enjoying airplay since last year.

The album has 10 beautiful tracks and is one of her biggest albums so far, it is also the biggest thing to happen in the nation.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./GhanaCelebrities.Com/Ghana


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  1. yea ryt…………………wen performing onstage, all she does is SHOUTING…., DISORGANIZING the song being played .”SHE HAS A BAD STAGE PEFORMING ATTITDE……… as far as i noe, its only de DANCING part that bails her out. but for the SINGING, it SUCKS


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