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Majid Michel Erawack “Shaker”



Majid Michel a.k.a Shaker launched into the limelight with his brilliant portrayal of a Casanova in the Ghanaian TV series “Thing We Do for Love.” However, it was his diverse roles on the big screen that sealed his status as a star.


His appeals obviously doesn’t radiate from a rippling muscles or some hard chiseled body (lacks both), but who cares! The man has a demeanor and swagger that is pure magnet-care to admit or not it is refreshing.


Majid Michel Erawoc was born on September 22, 1980, in Accra, Ghana, to Michel Erawoc, a Lebanese, and Paulina Olympio, a Ghanaian.  Majid was raised in Accra along with his nine siblings. Majid attended St. Theresa’s Primary School, and later on, the cream of the crop Mfantipim Secondary School where he was actively involved in the school’s drama club. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Academy of Screen Arts which is affiliated with Ashesi University.

Majid admits to not being fond of school at a young age.Majid began his acting career when he snug a role as “Shaker” in the theatrically successful TV series “Things We Do for Love.” Following his success, Majid made a smooth transition to the big screen when he appeared in his first movie “Divine Love,” alongside Jackie Appiah, and Van Vicker. On the heels of the success of his first, Majid has starred in one hit movie after another.

However, what makes Majid unique and set him apart is his versatility as an actor. Majid is known for his ability to embody his character and his penchant for taking on challenging roles.  In his leisure time, Majid loves to draw and enjoys Martial Arts. 


Majid is married to Virna, the couple have two daughters.


“People think I am a womanizer.”-Majid Michel

“I think the public will judge if stardom has gotten into my head.”-Majid Michel

“… I do well to interpret scripts to the best of my ability so even if I’m given a monster to play a love scene with, I will.”-Majid Michel

“As a child, I use to act with my sisters at home, we created our own scenarios and acted them out, we had great fun doing that.”-Majid Michel


The Playboy

Tears of Womanhood

Crime to Christ Agony of the Christ

Divine Love

Royal Battle (GHANA)

Passion of the Soul

Blood Fight

Pretty Queen


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  1. I used to like his acting n yeah he’s a good actor but showing your hairy butt doesn’t make u a great actor so please stop it because its not sexy. N if u think it is then trust me u decieving yourself. As i said early i really do like how u act in movies but pls be decent. dnt be too knw

  2. Majid i like your acting because u are the only actor who can look through people eye to eye without being ashamed. u really know how play any role they give to u, and also u are one of the actor’s who does not care how much Niger offers u stick to your Ghanaian movie and do collaborate with Niger not like Van Vicker who said he is so booked in Niger, so he does not have time to do Ghana movie. May God bless you for helping movie industry, keep it up


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