Oh Charter House, Why?: Bradez’s ‘Simple’ Robbed In Advance In The Ghana Music Awards 2010


The propaganda and the politics of the Ghana Music Awards are far from over now. As innocent artistes strive harder to come out with good songs to appeal to the public, other artistes are paying for crimes they haven’t committed; others too are suffering in the hands of ‘some’ selfish Categorization /Planning/Selection committee members.

During the launch of the Ghana Music Awards 2010 at the Golden Tulip Hotel, the sensational rap duo and one of the best hip life groups in the country currently, Bradez had nominated in 5 categories with their song ‘Simple’.

The categories includes ‘Artiste(s) of the Year’, ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’, ‘Hip life/Hip Hop Artiste(s) of the Year’, ‘Afro-Pop Song of the Year’ and ‘Best Rapper of the Year’.

Though people have asked why they were not placed in the ‘Hip Life/Hip Hop Song of the Year’ since they are in the ‘Hip life/Hip Hop Artiste(s) of the Year’ category. The reasons were that ‘Simple’ is not hip life.

The huge question is, if ‘Simple’ is not hip life, hence doesn’t fit to be in the ‘Hip life/Hip Hop Song of the Year’ category? So why they are in the ‘Hip life/Hip Hop Artiste (s) of the Year’ category since the same ‘Simple’ track got them that nomination? Yes I know people will argue that they are hip life artistes, this I can’t dispute but they were nominated based on ‘Simple’.

This reporter eavesdropped on a conversation between two entertainment reporters of highly patronized newspapers, whose bosses were part of the whole Ghana Music Awards process and they might have told them what had transpired.

Information received by has it that, the magnificent duo should have had 6 nominations instead of the 5. The last category should have been ‘Hip Life/Hip Hop Song of the Year’.

Though they were initially placed in that category says the conversation. Favouritism on the part of some of the committee members forced Bradez out, because they acknowledged ‘Simple’ as a tough customer and it will be difficult for ‘their’ supposed artiste to pick that category, should ‘Simple’ still remain in there, hence placing them in the ‘Afro-Pop Song of the Year’.

It is very simple, Bradez’s ‘Simple’ has suffered underground dealings in the Ghana Music Awards 2010. What happened to fairness and level playing field for all?

The report has it that, the reason why Simple was hoisted out from that category was that, they wanted a particular artiste (name withheld) to win it as one of the major sponsors of the awards is set to sign him on as brand ambassador.

It is expected of the committee members to remain neutral but they are rather singing praises of the artiste in any interview they are granted to the chagrin of the other committee members who believe in fairness.’s insider refused to mention the name of the sponsor but says that they have signed to partner Charter House, organizers of the awards to organize the awards for the next 10 years.

If the awards are there to honor excellence and distinguished musicians, Why all these “kurlulu”?. Meanwhile is working around to clock to uncover the underground dealings. Watch this space.

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./ Ghana


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