Celebrity Spy Column: Episode 1


Let’s get this going, I have been thinking of an interactive column to answer the various questions that come through to me. So many articles and features up on this site so I decided to get this new column called “Celebrity Spy” into a video section.

Got the first recording done early this morning after being up all night working on some other articles. This is the first shoot and I am only asking for your honest criticisms for improvement.Remember this is a “raw” shoot and it is for the purpose of entertainment.

Anyway, you can send all your celebrity related questions to me via [email protected]. Enjoy the video below and please leave your suggestions, comments and criticisms. Only constructive criticisms please. We are trying to get this right, the first is not always right and don’t expect it to be so. Remember this is to help answer the countless emails coming through each day about the various  Ghanaian celebrities. What do you think about the whole concept/idea and the first try?

Watch Video Below


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0 thoughts on “Celebrity Spy Column: Episode 1”

  1. Love the concept, Watch this space the for the questions on the hot seat for journalists. Bringing celebrities close to the fans.

    Stay tuned 

  2. Oh so this is the Chris boy who pours shit about our celebs? Handsome though but please dont insult our celebs like that. Good try but next time, look into your cameras.This is really interactive

  3. Honestly the concept is wow but just like u said improve upon the sound and grafix, work on ur make up.This can be real big. This can be a big concept for a TV program and don’t be shocked If I steal it and use it as a TV program(just jokin) but this idea is crazy man. BIG BIG UPS

  4. Sound and video quality to be improved oo..
    i love the details you are giving us.
    But i have a question, does Ghanaceleb hate Vibe Squad?
    UK based artist

  5. This is great, i really like the concept… a creative idea..ermmmm u need to work on the sound a little bit though..Keep on keeping on Ghanaceleb….

  6. r u so dumb then why did u paste it on ur site since u know its can affect some ppl , u ve to sit up chris and shape ur site cos u cant be tht dumb to put things on ur websites if u dont ve any clue where is comin from,aand im glad the canadian gurl asked tht question aba nadia cos alot of ppl r sayin the same thing and is very bad. stay positive

  7. So you see it isn’t easy to be on the couldn’t even look into the camera…lol…and you make noise….wrong move people actually know what you look like..And trust me they will come at you!!!You want to know how it is to be a celebritiy?Well then welcome to the world,where people like us will say any shit about you and not give a damn cuz we can hide behind the computer…..hope you enjoy it

  8. I applaud your miraculous resurrection. Not a while back this site was larded with crapula that degenerated the overall readability into a monty python circus.

    As things have changed, i can see a thin ray of hope emerging. Drastic overhaul of website, rich content and professional outlook have galvanized a renewed interest, as fans clamour around their computers to devour the latest celebrity gossip and general Ghanaian showbiz news.

    If this momentum is sustained, it leaves little room for celebrity wannabe sites to rival the supreme quality your website has garnered.

    Weldone Vincent, and i hope this opens yet another chapter in your paparazzi saga, as celebrities duck for cover lest the skeletons in their closet are laid bare by your kokonsa squad.

    Joseph Midnight Speaks!

  9. o shit i cant wait for this idea to keep on rolling…this is going to be very interesting….ppls to make this happen sucessfully we gatta keep our questions coming in…we love


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