Ghana’s Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame Writes Final Exam

Ghana's Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame

2009 Ghana Music Awards ‘Artiste of the Year’, Okyeame Kwame, is in his final lap of his years on the campus of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) as he begins writing his final exams.

The Rap Doctor as he prefers to be called prepares to bring to an end a four year knowledge seeking agenda which was launched in September 2006.

Studying Akan and Sociology, the ‘Best Rapper Alive’ has before him five broad subjects to write as part of requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree. These subjects include dialectal differences, translation, modern poetry, female African writing and expose to current affairs.

According to Okyeame, the commencement of his final exam comes with great joy and fulfillment as he regards it as a huge achievement in his life. “Even though sitting at the exam hall for these papers is no mean thing to do, I am very excited to be going through this at this time of my life” he told

It has not been all easy especially when he had to combine both performances which started on Fridays and studies which commenced on Mondays. Switching between academic and the entertainment worlds was like juggling between two fired up daggers. What amazes me is how he managed to earn the Artiste of the Year title together with other four awards in 2009 at the heat of his education.

Having the opportunity to be taught by legends like Agya Koo Nimo (Dr. Amponsah), Dr Charles Marfo, Professor Agyemang, Dr Tuffuor, Mr Nsiah, Miss Solace Yankson and Mrs Abeka to mention a few. Okyeame Kwame through his four year study at KNUST studied music appreciation, classical guitar, photography, linguistics, Akan drama, African poetry, translation, communication skills, sociology and so many other life inspiring subjects.

Writing his final exam signifies an era of a milestone in his life and career. After the exams he would have come out as one of the very few Ghanaian musicians who have adequate knowledge and expertise in poetry and social skills.

Indeed, Okyeame Kwame’s achievement as an undergraduate soon to be graduate musician is worthy of emulation and should urge other musicians to seek knowledge in music in addition to their God given talent in order to promote the profession.

His words of encouragement to all especially up and coming artistes are “seek knowledge, and when you find it let it contribute to positive social change”.


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0 thoughts on “Ghana’s Rap Doctor Okyeame Kwame Writes Final Exam”

  1. Obrafour is game tight. Just because those around you tell you are the best doesn’t mean you are. Obrafour ate you alive on the ‘live battle’ show where you were both dressed like preparatory school boys.
    Dude is written for and he knows it!.
    Get at your Boy JK (Joshua) in Canada and have him write some more for you.
    Nsemfo ahi.

    Congrats on your education though. All the best. But like ‘syn’ said above, this degree smells funny. Who is this world will have the time to perform, write, record and attend school at the same time and take all these courses? c’mon man.

  2. kwame Dw33 or woteva your name is, are you real. name any artiste in this world who writes their own songs 100%. the beatles, michael jackson, jayz, beethoven, madonna elvis and all the so called greats have a song or two written by other people. get your facts rite. good job to JK or wateva but kwame made his songs hit too. i personally dont like the guy. i think his dress sense is the worst af all the artiste in ghana. but with his uni work, i say congrats to him, this should be an inspiration to other artiste. just like kanye sed, something to fall back on if it dont work out.  and check your nostrils dude cos the degree smells alrite to me!  my advise go see your doctor asap. 

  3. ei ghana foo enti obi degree enso eye mo ya?aden?at least something to fall back on wen ´´music dies´´.grow up guys.obrafour ate him alive so wat?ibi that one e go chop.tell obrafour to find something beta doing and grow a bit tall.a man shd at least be tall.wen we talk of conventional men obrafour does not come along…

  4. Against Go Die. Okyeame Kwame No Size U R The Best Rap Alive. Is Not Easy To Get A Degree In (KNUST). U R The Best And Obrafour Can Not Compare Him self To Kwame. I Wish U All The Best.


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