Weekly Discussion: Lets Get Talking, Who Do You Think Is The Biggest Paid Musician Or Movie Star In Ghana?

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We’ve gotten in our pockets some figures on the estimate earnings of some of the industry mainstream names, before we publish these figures, lets discuss this…..  “Who do you think is the biggest paid musician or movie start and why”?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Am not sure but am going to guess Jackie Appiah and Van Vicker, for the musicians my guess is Kojo Antwi, hope am correct.

  2. Figures you obtained from the production houses or from hear say?The way these celebrities bad mouth each other you never know…….

  3. I have a feeling Agya Koo has also been cashing it a lot too. But it looks like Jackie Appiah is making more money. Right now Sarkodie seems to have hundreds of thousands of Cedis in the bank.

    1. The comment about speaking engagements can be proof of high pay also don’t forget hosting engagements for clubs in the states and europe(its possible this why Van makes so much lest we forget there KOJO Antwi has filled MADISON SQUARE GARDEN)

  4. majid of van, as for the ladies im gonna say it used to be nadia. remember how they always had jackie playing the other woman aside nadia. until jackie FINALLY made a name for herself. so as this time around, i’d say jackie.

  5. Jackie appiah, she just realised a range rover. No star in ghana has that car not even in nigeria. Kudos to jackie

    1. @kekkli, Guess you’ve never left Ghana, guy. Non-stars in Nigeria have Range Rover as a car in their fleet of cars. Research, please.

  6. Jackie appiah charges the highest cos all the producers say it, as for nadia she takes half the amount jackie takes

  7. Jackie Appiah is the highest paid actress, everyone knows that in Ghollywood and she is the most humble too, soo everyone likes her on set

  8. I saw jackie range rover sport too in traffic the range is wicked tooooo beautiful. No star in ghana can buy a range rover not even musicians, kids cry to see jackie in my school were I teach

  9. kekkli what do you mean no star in nigeria has a ranger rover, let me tell you the kind of cars nollywood stars ride ghanaian stars cannot afford it, c grade nollywood stars are the ones that even ride range rovers in nollywood, let me clarify one thing to you, you might compare your stars to nollywood stars in a lot of things but please not when it comes to their cash worth, because nollywood stars are ten times better paid than ghanaian stars, your so called ghanaian stars only get well paid when they come to act in nollywood, a good example will be van, see how loaded he has become since he got into nollywood, even yvonne nelson and lydia forson said so during an interview that nollywood pays better, nollywood stars are by far richer than ghanaian stars which is very obvious.

  10. FLINT u are a fool u don’t no anything, so go and pack yourself somewhere. Some ghanian stars charge higher than some nollywood stars bcos the ghanaian actors are in high demand now world wide so they need there faces in the movies to sell, Jackie and Magid charge BIG money wen they are called from nigeria. And lydia is a grade E actress so she can’t expect to be paid a high amount wen did she join the industry yvonne too is not in the same class with jackie and magid soo she can be taking small money

    1. @guy, Where in the ‘world wide’? Stop dreaming guy. Nigeria made people like Jackie, Nadia, Van, Majid etc. They are only paid BIG money in Nollywood. That is because Nollywood has a wider audience and can well afford to pay them. They can only be paid more than D/E grade nollywood actors. There is no contention. And don’t go calling people fools!

    1. @fotty, nonsense, why should i be guessing what people earn? i will rather find soemthing productive doing. pls, if you dont have any better filla for us, dont just write anything

  11. @guy how can u say lydia is a grade e actress yes she may not  be paid as much but lets face as far as ghanaian female actresses go jackie,lydia and naa ashorkor are the best actresses n am not jus sayin dis cos of the best actress award dey won but bcos its a fact

  12. Jackie appiah is on all the billboards in ghana that alone is big money. Also when it comes to movies all the producers say jackie appiah is the most highest paid, one prodercer said on tv that jackies fees can pay 3 artists in a movie who are known faces.

  13. Is only in ghana they no Sarkodi apart from ghana no other african country nos him, but the whole africa knows jackie appiah through africa magic, therefore she gets a lot invitation from other african countries who give her good money for her to adress the people and communicate with her fans. My cousin in Liberia said the whole stadium was full to see jackie appiah. U are too much jackie and we are proud of u.

    1. @nancy, DAmn a whole stadium was packed just to see Jackie Appiah, bish has reached superstar status, but am wondering why they didnt choose her when Oprah did that show on the ‘famous people in africa or something’ i think Jackie should have been chosen instead of Genny.

  14. I agree with u nancy jackie is known everywhere my friends from Kenya want to meet her sooooo badly. And its soo clear that jackie is the highest paid no one needs to tell you

  15. jacjie is the most paid actress,Van Vicker is the most paid actor since he went to 9ja and Sarko is paid thousands of dollars by konvict each month n who said obide is known only GH his vieos Borga and baby are on Mtvbase

  16. jackie is the most paid actress,Van Vicker is the most paid actor since he went to 9ja and Sarko is paid thousands of dollars by konvict each month n who said obide is known only GH his vieos Borga and baby are on Mtvbase

  17. LOL @ guy for saying they are in “high demand around the world” LOOOOOL! no african actors are in high demand around the world.
    but for kekkli to say Nigerian actors don’t drive range rovers is ignorant. a lot of them have nice cars. not only that, but how do you know the car that every nollywood and ghollywood person drives? how do you REALLY know what kind of car each person drives?
    and FYI, just because your car is more expensive doesn’t mean you get paid more. im not saying jackie is not the best paid, but to use her buying an expensive car as the reason is just dumb.
    someone can spend all the money they have ever made on a car, doesn’t mean they are making the most money.

  18. couldn’t agree with u more @ Alicia A. and Okatakyie Asante…to me the best paid movie star is agya koo…if jackie charges in high demand (which i dnt kno why), it’s prolly because of the recent award she received…i am proud of our stars…but home-gurl is aight….for all u know, dat range rover could be someone’s car or she rented it…it’s not dat serious…jackie is just ok…if they pay her more then they r yawa and dnt kno the demand of a true actor…she is just an ok star…so for me, it’s AGYA KOO and i think BECCA, KOJO ANTWI or SAMINI

  19. how can jackie you claim is the local champion billionaire were a dress she wore in twisted faith movie to a wedding occassion? a whole range rover owner with millions billboards ? please spare our ears some have foreign endorsements and are keping cool.

    1. @nene, I know u r a Nigerian but i have to ask you foreign endorsements from which country and what kind of endorsements? You said ‘foreign endorsements’ and am curious to know?

  20. @nene u are a big fool, so shut up, player hater. Bush girl. U wish u were jackie appiah but u can neva be her. Jackie is the highest paid actress in Ghana. Go to hell NENE

    1. @hannah, you are the bigger fool. not everyone has to like every person they see on TV. people have different reasons for why they believe someone is not up to par. so let them have their own opinion. why does it seem like it is causing you a heart attack? hannah, are you jackie herself? why are you about to pop a blood vessel over nothing?

  21. @ Lily u are a fool. U don’t no wat? who the hell are you to say u don’t no why jackie is the highest? I will tell u why bcos she is highly favored by God. And devils like u want her downfall but wat God has blessed no man can touch

  22. u kno wat, first of all @ kari, if u’re seeking some attention, then go fuck urself…i hate it when ppl come out of their filthy disgusting self to insult others just because they stated their opinion abt an article…U ARE A BIGGER FOOL who lives in dat poor huts in GH and just came out to the next town near u to use a cafe, so BITCH ASS dnt kno how to act…dnt try me…keep ur local self over there….comment on the article and keep on moving…anybody who knows real acting and cares abt the development of the acting industry, would comment that jackie is aight…”who the hell am i to say i don’t no why jackie is the highest”? BITCH, cuz i am me…and there is something we call freedom of fucking speech…so i am allowed to say wateva da fuck i want….if u dnt like it, go jump of the hudson river, u ass wipe…u want to talk abt the favor of God but yet u want to judge me in the same context…U ARE A FOOL TO DA FULLEST…listen if u dnt have anything better to say abt the article, go watch jackie’s movies and have a wet dream over it for all i care…I DNT KNO WHY SHE WILL CHARGE ALOT BECAUSE HOME-GURL IS JUST AIGHT…doesn’t mean i’m not proud of her as a GHANAIAN…and next tyme, leave da Lord’s name out of this…retarded ass ignit

    1. @kari, bigger fool! i see you have nothing else to say. bottom line, allow people do express their opinions here, just as you have expressed yours. nonsense.

  23. hanna what do i need jackie for? with her flabby oldlady body and twisted feet ,,hey opinions are like noses you have yours ,i have mine so hanna i don t check your dwarf of a jackie ,be wise.

  24. no guy i am not the fool but rather you are not only a fool but an idiot, that the ghanaian stars are in high demand is the more reason that shows that they are less paid than their nollywood counterparts, are you telling me that van, jackie and co get as much money as ramsey,genny and other nollywood heavy weights, my dear let me tell you they are in much high demand because the likes of genny and co are expensive so the producers go for the Ghanaian stars that are cheaper as opposed to paying the nollywood stars who would charge 3 to 4 times what the Ghanaian stars would charge, by the way van according to my research and a reliable source has gotten paid as much as four to five thousand dollars, do you know how much ramsey or genny and other nollywood heavyweights earn per movie, ramsey makes 12 to 15 thousand dollars, and for sure this amount has increased because this amount was what he earned at around 2003 to 2007, with the increase in budget and quality in nollywood movies his fee have sure increased. For genny and omotola, I am sure you must have heard about the movie ije, genny was paid 60 thousand dollars, while omotola was paid 43 thousand dollars for the same movie, Osuofia is also one of the highest paid nollywood actor, as of 2003 when he did osuofia in London, he was paid 14 thousand dollars, now he earns between 14 to 20 thousand dollars. What the Ghanaians stars earn in Nigeria is way more than what they earn in Ghana, so even if they are not paid as much as nollywood stars, it is still a big deal to earn as much as they are earning in Nigeria because they don’t get paid well in Ghana. And to the poster of this article make sure when you are putting up the figure that you indicate whether they are earning such figures in Nigeria or Ghana, state specifically what the earn in Nigeria and specifically what the earn in Ghana. And to nancy, are you freaking kidding me by trying to compare Jackie to genny, common now, lets be realistic here and not play the patriotic card here, genny is 10 times more popular, successful,richer,better actress etc than Jackie when it comes to the movies, that was why she was featured on oprah, Jackie doesn’t have one tenth fans as much as genny, don’t dear compare Jackie to genny because she is miles ahead of Jackie, I once saw that joke comparison between genny and Jackie right here on this site, it was pretty funny, genny is 90 percent of the time seen as the most successful nollywood actress and you dear compare her to Jackie, you can compare the likes of tonto,chika, etc to Jackie not genny, genny has appeared in bigger and better movies than Jackie, she is not in jackie’s league.

    1. cum on dis is not a commenting contest..aaah ba why dis long comment now??expectin sum1 2 read it??plsss dont do dis again da koraa..i hope u ryt long essays like dis in sch..

    2. man your right in all you said, am a ghanaian and i know what your saying, am an up coming producer and geeny charge more than every african artress.. she is started long ago, contact me via, [email protected] let have some talk

  25. just another state of opinion…the same africans that likes genny is the same africans that watches jackie and like her tooo…after a while jackie will fade away just like genny did…but the same africans remains waiting for the next star to like…more so, appearing on Oprah dnt mean a damn thing…this is because a nigerian website organized for her to be listed as one of the famous ppl in the world…she was not chosing by the production team…her appearance on oprah cannot be respected because it’s just like going around showing a clip or capturing an image of anybody…she is no different than any other nigerian star that every african knows…if it was someone like liz benson, i won’t even complain…gene is recognized just like omotola, ini, rita, stephanie, and other nollywood stars…the market in ghana cannot be compared to the market in nigeria simply because of its population…but when it comes to the international aspects, ghana movie market can be compared to nigerian movie market because the ppl dat used to watch nigerian movies, hardly watch them anymore and prefer ghana movie…i guess if G.C had organized something for a famous star in ghana, jackie or any other famous ghanaian actress would’ve been on Oprah too for JUST 8 sec…IT’S NOT DAT SERIOUS…dis ppl got the opportunity to earn 40-60 thousand dollars because they got luckie…and the production team for that earning had nigerian film makers, so it’s obvious…to be honest, Jackie can be compared to gene any day, any time…why because gene is also just AIGHT to me..da girl is stiff in all her movies…ppl just get blinded by her prettyness and thinks home-gurl is just the best in africa…WRONG…i hate it when ppl hide behind their beauties and dnt do much of acting in movies…there are better actors in nollywood that has not been recognized…compare them to jackie and maybe I will agree….and if u watch dat 8 sec clip of her on oprah,oprah stated clearly dat she earns $6000 in a movie…SAME SHIT VAN IS EARNING…compare better actor in nollywood and ghallywood such as mama liz, grace omaboe, okorfa asiedu, omotola (because she is a true veteran) and the likes…NO GENE OR JACKIE

    1. @Alicia A.,
      that was an accident. what i meant to say was, that quote you gave is the truth. i like genny and i think she is a good actress. but what you said applies to van, nadia, juliet, john dumelo etc…some in nollywood too that i just cant think of their names. and it the salary thing. it depends on how big the movie is gonna be. like “Ije” “Silent Scandals” “Bursting Out” etc.. the more popular and bigger the production of the movie is, the better the pay for the actors. if they are doing a low budget project, they (for example genevieve, omotola, ramsey) shouldnt expect to be paid too much. but that 6,000 dollars thing i believe are old figures. gene has become more popular in the last 2 years and hardly does yeye movies anymore, unless they are big productions like silent scandals, ije, etc…

  26. They are talking about ghana not nigeria. Jackie is the highest paid in ghana and richest. If u add all her endorsements

  27. Thank you Chi, why are they talking about nigeria they said ghana so were from genny omotola and co, as far as I’m concerned jackie and reggie are making big money

  28. @ flint or whatever, let me tell u that Jackie is far far more successful than Gene okay. Success is not measured by how long you have been in the industry or in a business but rather what you have achieved within the shortest possible time.Jackie came into limelight in 2006 with Divine Love and has since featured in uncountable movies. Gene was in the business long long before Jackie and that is her only advantage. Gene was there since 1990 or so. There isn’t anyone in this world who doesn’t know beautiful Jackie or Gene so i would say their popularity is same. Perfect Picture was a major hit and Jackie earned millions from it. They can be compared in all aspect any day, anytime, and anywhere. i would even favour Jackie over Gene. With the way Jackie is acting in award winning movies, she surely will become the best and highest paid celebrity in Africa though even now i think she is. She was the only actress that won award in chain.Best actress in supporting role 2007 and best actress in a lead role in 2010. No Nigerian or Ghanaian artiste has ever achieved that . this even shows her superiority and there is none like her.

    1. @Lovistic, genevieve arrived in nollywood in 1990? hahahaha!!! please stop coming up with FAKE facts. genny was still a teenager at the time. mind you, she is only 31. so you said gene arrived on the scene in 1990? hahahaha!!! at around 11 years old? do you think she is 50 or something?

      and just because jackie won an award FOR THAT YEAR doesnt make her the best actress. sandra bullock won an oscar, but does that make her the best actress? the same with all the other stars that won oscars and other awards. winning an award does not make you THE BEST. it just says you have done better than all the others in that category, FOR THAT YEAR.

      1. @Alicia A., good one alicia, lovistic you said no nollywood star have won both supporting role and lead role as well, i hate to dissapiont you, but joke silver won best lead role in 2006 and supporting role in 2008, she attained that feat before jackie, so you see nigeria always leads the way, it is true that both genny and jackie are popular, but the question is who is more popular, stand genny out and stand jackie out, you will see that genny will be more favoured, she is like a virus, who said jackie made millions from the movie perfect picture, what you should have said is that the movie was successful(not as succesful as most nollywood hits) whatever money made from the movie goes to the producer not jackie because she has already been paid(meager amount) for her services, i repeat the money goes to the producer and the last time i checked the producer was shirley not jackie, i understand that you ghanaians also want to have a star that you can glamour about, but please i am begging you lets call a spade a spade, jackie is not in genny’s league, i can understand you guys want to put up a challenge, but common not comparing jackie to genny, okay forget about the number of movies, genny has appeared in a lot more bigger and better movies than jackie,genny’s fee is ten times more than that of jackie, nollywood producers use ghanaian stars becuase of the market advantage and ofcourse the cheaper labour, and you come here to tell me that she is the highest payed, let me tell you tonto, ini, uche etc earn more than jackie, who pays the ghanaian stars, the producers right, and you think they will over pay them when they know the earn peanuts in ghana, and they also know that when they pay them 3 to 4 times less than what they pay nollywood stars is still a huge amount to them compared to what they earn in ghana, common face the truth, even in hollywood, if the highest paid in nollywood, bollywood, or artists from other countries come to act, they get paid a little fraction of what hollywood stars earn, so do you still believe jackie is the highest paid actress in africa, now tell me in what way is jackie more successful than genny, is it in movies, money, endorsements or what, what, what, please tell me how she is more successful than genny because genny’s success can overshadow jackie’s success 20 times over, i understand you are trying to be patroitic, but please be patroitic in a reasonable way by making appropriate comparison.

        1. @flint, All you are saying is senseless and you do not have proofs to back your write up okay. You must be a joke to think that Gene’s success is 20 times that of Jackie’s, even a baby will never think or say so. Gene is just too overrated. She is no better or more successful than Jackie and the others. More over, the people who love and watch Gene’s movies are the same people who watch Jackie’s movies and appreciate her okay. There isn’t a single soul on this planet who knows Gene but doesn’t know Jackie. Gene became so popular in the past cos there weren’t many talented and beautiful actresses in Nigeria during her youthful age as it is now.Then it was only Gene, Omo t or Stella. Jackie managed to make a name for herself in this modern times where there are many talents and beauties so her fame is real and more celebrating. Period.

          1. @Lovistic, SHUT UP! Go back to High school or something. I like Jackie, but NEVER EVER compare her to Gene. Jackie is a C grade actress in nollywood standard. Create an African Best Actress Poll and watch the outcome… Gene’s popularity and success will be 90:10 that of Jackie. And my dear Jackie knows this for sure. They literally beg for parts in Nigeria, because nollywood has a much larger market with better pay. It does not matter the kind of movie, Gene earns LOTS of money from all the movies, period. DON’T BE SO PATHETIC. Go get a LOVE.

  29. we are not discussing nigerian actors, we dont give a fucki ng damn whether they take billions or whatever.u guys make them feel so important.Leave them out and lets talk abt our actors.
    I think Jackie is the highest paid actress

  30. @Nene, i think you are not less than a frustrated ridiculous Nigerian gay. You are more than a stinking asshole.Let me tell you that Nigerian actresses have worse body features than Jackie. Ini, Uche Jombo and Even Gene have worse bodies and are not in any way taller than Jackie. She is much prettier than those your so called Nollywood craps. You stinking Nigerians always defend your artistes whenever they are insulted yet insult better artistes of other nationalities and claim you have freedom of speech. Foolish people if u know there is freedom of speech why then do u attack people anytime they speak ill of your artistes or even retaliate to people saying Jackie is the richest and has the most expensive car. You should have let them be cos they equally have freedom of speech or is it meant for only Nigerians? Stop these bitchy envies cos Jackie is the best and the richest and time will surely prove it.

    1. @Lovistic,
      another thing that makes you stupid. since nene is “dissing” jackie, does that automatically mean she is supporting ini, uche, gene, etc? NO IT DOESN’T. it simply means she doesn’t fancy jackie.
      going by your logic thats like if someone says they dont like oranges, its assuming they like apples. you dont know that. maybe the person doesnt like oranges AND apples. so shut your face, nonsense.

      you seriously need to evaluate yourself.


      1. @johnLikewise Gene and other nigerian actresses that u so worship like a goddess. Gene’s facial features are way uneven for her head. Nothing special about her to wow about. She is just ordinary or local and i always see her types everyday.

  31. my dear lily whether 8 seconds or one tenth of a second, it is still a boost and good commendation to genny and nollywood, why didn’t a ghanaian star get the 8 seconds of fame, if the oprah thing was not a big deal and anybody including ghanaian stars could have been chosen(which i am not doubting) and since nigerian movies are not watched anymore because of the ghanaian movies why didn’t they come to ghana or ask a ghanaian website to make the pick for them, and here in nigerian why didn’t the website that chose genny choose someone else, but hey they chose genny out of the hundreds of stars in nollywood, genny did not ask for it, so is it her fault she was chosen, i know if it was a ghanaian star that was on oprah that would have been a big deal right. It is funny to think that ghanaian movies are more watched than nigerian movies on international scale, first of all this is a joke because according to recent statistics, nigerian movies out sell hollywood movies in most african countries, they never mentioned ghana, when other african countries make documentaries of there movie industries and mention more established movie industry in africa they would like to rival, they mention nollywood, never ghana, other african countries model there movie industries to nollywood, never ghana, now how come ghanaian movies are now more watched than nigerian movies, even on the ghanaian website modern ghana, every now and then you would see an article from a kenyan journalist about how big and accepting nollywood is in kenya, not just in kenyan, countries like cameroon, uganda,malawi,sierra leone etc, some of them have their movie websites and those that don’t have you can just google about their movies industry, you find out that the movie industry apart from their own and sometimes hollywood the talk about is nollywood, not ghana, lets talk more of the ghanaian international market since it is bigger than the nigerian market, who distributes these movies for ghana in the first place, yes venus and other movie industries in ghana might distribute it within ghana, but outside ghana, how many well established distributors does ghana have, executive image african movies, franco films,sanga entertainment etc who is the owner of these distribution houses, of course is owned by nigerians, trust me nigeria owns the movie market in africa which is why most african countries including ghana come to nigeria to help them distribute their movies, example the right of the sierra leonian movie eagle eye produced by jimmy bangura and directed by tchidi chikere was sold to oj productions, cameroonian movies like before the sunrise,the blues kingdom etc were distributed by nigeria, they cameroonians have worked a deal with nollywood to help distibute there movies, most of the ghanaian movies including the ones from sparrow productions are distributed by the three abroad distribution houses mentioned above, so do you still think they ghanaian internation movie market is still bigger than the nigerian movie market because it is not only controlled by nollywood but it is owned by nollywood. On oprah they mentioned genny to be earning 6000 dollars, of course these are old figures and trust the western media to down grade anything african, i just saw one documentary of nollywood the other day made by british actor nick moran who also starred in the jeta amata movie the amazing grace, you should see how he made nollywood look like trash and the movie he directed as part of the documentary to further show more insight of nollywood was a mess and worse than any crappy nollywood movie i have ever seen, the name of the movie is game of life, before genny and co were banned she made between 15 to 25 thousand dollars, the 2004 movie critical decision were she appeared half nude, she was paid three million naira which was about 25 thousand dollars then, i know this for a fact because the producer and marketer of the movie remy jes was one of the marketers that was involved in banning genny and co because of there exorbitant fees and other reasons, he mentioned this in an interview on why they paid genny that much. Genny’s fee has increased tremendously as a result of her being selective and appearing in only big budget, high quality movies that would pay her handsomely and so far that is how it has been, and for the record it was kekkli that involved nigeria.

    1. @flint,
      i actually do agree with some of what you said. and YES it was kekkli that involved Nigerians.
      on this website i cant go to any topic where someone isn’t involving Nigerians in something. most times brought on by a non-Nigerian.

  32. Nigerians always pimping genny like shes some Halle Berry, get over your yourselves, her being on Oprah for 2secs didnt get Steve Spielberg or martin scorsese looking for her whereabouts, so enough of the praising and worshiping almighty Genny, until i see one of the so-called nollywood people on the red carpet(Oscars)y’all need to zip it.

    1. @miss dior,
      genny is ALL THAT! sorry to say.
      but be real honey. if it were jackie that oprah mentioned y’all would be happy too and be DAMN PROUD OF IT.

      1. Am sorry shes not all that to me, and i really dont care if oprah mentioned her or not, her status remains the same, as a matter of fact shes over-rated too. On to the next, hun!

        1. @miss dior,
          hahahahaha! who cares!! the fact still remains that you know if it was jackie that was mentioned, even for 5 seconds, you would be all over her ass.
          its okay, i know it burns. B)

        2. @miss dior, and oh the only props i will give is the fact that shes be in the game for some time thats all. yeah am ma throw shade on her becos shes not all that and a bag of chips

    2. @miss dior, Wanna-be Dior. You wish you were Gene’s maid. Was a Ghanaian actress approached for a James Bond movie? Oscars indeed! Doesn’t take much to be on the red carpet. I could get you a ticket to attend (as a butler)

  33. @ flint…OH LORD…u kno i think G.C should give an opportunity to write an article on this subject…i’m gonna allow the opportunity to present itself for me to comment on wat u just talked abt…as for now, i will let it go cuz dis article right now is truely abt highest paid actor in ghana which i believe is agya koo and akorfa asiedu respectively…but looking at the essay u just wrote, it seems like it’s not ur personal thought but just some research u did…if it’s not ur own thoughts, then NEXT time site wat u’re talking abt…..

  34. Nadia and Van they are the best ever i love the way she dress nice fashion girl, Van is so good looking and he is a wonderful actor i have almost all of his movie i love u VAN<3 🙂

  35. miss dior nobody is over praising genny, i just picked her to make my point, there are so many other nollywood stars i could have also used, and whether it is 2 seconds or one tenth of a second, the fact still remains that it is a good commendation to her and nollywood as a whole and that does not mean that stars from other movie industries in africa cannot get the same opportunity, and by the way had it been it was a ghanaian star that was featured on oprah, i am sure you wouldn’t be saying this.Now to the hollywood director thing and the oscar as well, first of all, i will talk about the oscar thing, i made a statement about that on this website and i don’t want to make the same statement again, so to know what statement i made go the article that said something about shirley frimpong manso aiming for the oscars, now to the talk of the hollywood directors, spielberg and co did not call genny so what, did she tell you she was looking for any of them, my dear let me tell you it is only a matter of time before nollywood explodes, and i assure you genny will be at the fore front spareheading it. Lily i am quite suprised at your statement, so you go about your life making guesses by just thinking or assuning things, my dear i am sorry to disapoint you, i like to back up my claims with concrete facts not assume things that is why i make some research, and by the way my research was a one on one questing with the nollywood key players around idumota, alaba, and iweka road, all these places are the birth place and home of nollywood, so my dear there is no siteing for this, i did not want to back up my claims with articles some unserious journalists might have cooked up, so you see, when i make my claims, i really dig right down to the root.

    1. @flint, Look u r protesting too much, when people get on Oprah they get noticed and get all kinds of calls either from movie or music producers, shes still in nigeria acting in the same kind of movies with Jackie and co stop trying to put her on some pedestal or elevate her status, nothing has changed for her until i see her acting alongside say Don Cheadle or Denzel please enough of the pimping, and i dont understand why they charge humongous fees for these so-called crappy movies.

      1. @miss dior,
        even that…. have you ever thought that not ALL nollywood/ghollywood stars want to join hollywood? i wonder why people believe success is going to hollywood. why not stay back and better your own industry?

        1. @Alicia A., Am sorry but i find it hard to believe that? making 5-20mil per movie compared to the 3000-5000$ they are making, if hollywood comes calling i dont believe they will turn down on top of that you get more exposure than u will get anywhere, ask Salma hayek and nicole kidman who came from their various countries to pursue their hollywood dreams, so yeah success is hollywood whether u like it or not. If they wanna compete with hollywood they better make ‘good quality movies’ becos hollywood stay on top of their game. I have heard a couple of ghanaian actress express their desire to go to holywood if if the opportunity comes, nollywood people a lil pompous becos they feel their industry is bigger or whatever but the other industry is not checking for u, hollywood uses bollywood actors but yet to see hollywood using nollywood people.

        2. @Alicia A., Oh please, give us a break. For all the nollywood/gollywood acts that have been interviewed, hollywood is a must be place. Stop defending Gene’s inability to make it to Hollywood with that non-fa excuse. Hollywood is a dream for all African acts cos crossing border to far away America to act in the most competitive,richest and the most recognised industry in the world is best thing that could ever happen to them and u know it. If Gene had had roles in Hollywood, u will use it as the best tool to shield the so called best african actress that u naijans have crowned her. But because she hasn’t , you go like not all african acts want to act in Hollywood. Even if there are, Gene wouldn’t be part of such people cos she loves good things and showing off.

  36. @ flint…buns, anybody can come out to this site and say they’ve spoken to key players to know wat their talking abt…DNT ME STARTED ON DAT ONE…there are so many ways personal thoughts can be described…it can MOST certainly be described through OBSERVATIONS where it can be incorporated into a statement…huns, we’ve all spoken to key players…but it’s not relevant because there’s no other evidence backing up the statement…at the end of day, if ur so-called research is valid, then site it…OK…i guess any person dat was featured on Oprah gets good commendation then…i still say agya koo and akorfa asiedu is da highest pay…

  37. lily what part of one on one questioning do you not understand, i am suprised you don’t want to think or assume now, you now want real facts,well if eventually these figures of the highest paid ghanaian artist are revealed make sure you ask them for a site so you can confirm, also since you think agya koo and akorfo are the highest paid, make sure you put a site so that we can confirm as well. Let me assure you that i am not just making this up, i don’t know if you have heard of FAN( The Filmmakers Association of Nigeria) it is a US based program and organisation to help diminish piracy, i am a member and tony abulu the producer and director of american dream and crazy like a fox is the CEO, it was during the time of establishing this organization that we studied nollywood,not just the market but every aspect of it in orther to come up with a solution that can help tackle the problems in nollywood.Miss dior seriouly do you understand what you just said, everyone, let me first correct you, you should have said artists not everyone because different personalities that don’t have anything to do with acting or music come on oprah show, now to what i assume you were saying, please go look up all the stars from other countries who have been to the oprah show whether they have gotten hollywood attention immediately the went on oprah, not all of them do,appearing on oprah show is not a guarantee that you will make it in hollywood, the funny thing with we africans is that we don’t believe in ourselves, well if you don’t think your ghanaian movie industry cannot make it without hollywood, that is for you, i believe my nollywood can make it without hollywood of which they are already doing, point of correction genny does not appear in the same kind of movies jackie appears, have jackie appeared in movie of the same standard as ije, tango with me, unbreakable nation etc, of recent genny has been slective which has made her scarce, and as you can see, the movies she appears in are big budget movies that will pay her handsomely, they are not crappy movies like the ones jackie appears in, and please stop comparing her to jackie, jackie is not in genny’s league, genny does not have to star along side hollywood stars to make it, she has already made it and still have bigger things to come, i have said it before and i will say it agian, it is only a matter of time before nollywood explodes and i assure you genny will be at the fore front spareheading it, my dear you seem to think i am elavating her but i am not, rather God is elevating her.

    1. @flint, Stop using freaky excuses for her scarcity cos we know better. Gene isn’t featured in a lot of movies cos her time is over. Just recently i was on nairaland.com and there, i saw the list of top 10 highest paid Naija actresses and gene’s fees surpassed Ini’s by just 200 naira but Ini appears frequently. The true reason Gene doesn’t appear in so many movies is cos she is old thing now. I have said this before. Africans and the world at large are fed up with Gene. We grew tired of seeing her and want younger, beautiful and fresh talents to see. So stop using selective as an excuse for gene, has gene ever been selected? If so then all the actresses are selective. She can no more appear in a lot of movies cos now unlike then, we have a lot of beautiful,younger and fresh talents who act the same or even better than Gene.

      1. @Lovistic, Fool…Nairaland is just opinions of some people…not facts. You are DUMB. Gene earns 3X more than Ini. She even looks younger than you, I guess. LIVE WITH IT…She is the best in Africa. Ghollywood is trash. We are helping to build you up! Be grateful. Nollywood is the second largest movie producers in the world. We have the financial backing for that. Ghana doesn’t have much to spare…so to speak. LIVE WITH IT. You wish you were Gene. Get your facts right; not by reading Nairaland, DUMBISTIC.

  38. lol pls im tired of hearing this ghana nigerian thing….if ghana claim to be the best let them have it and if nigeria claim to be the best let them have it….what is this. pls…..can we pls concentrate on the topic. because this ghana nigeria thing is becoming annoying.

  39. kekei how can you say no nigerian artiste drives a range. that’s a fat lie. when its like a competition over here. abeg they even drive better cars

  40. mis dior i can understand that you don’t believe in your country’s movie industry, but i do believe in my nollywood and someday we will get there, as for salma hayek and nickole kidman and other non-americans who have made it in hollywood, that is there own story not ours, nollywood can make it without hollywood, the hollywood you are talking about started on a shaky note as well. there was a time the didn’t pay there artists well and made crappy movies but with time the have become the movie capital of the world, if they use bollywood stars and no nollywood stars so what, nollywood’s future is not going to be determined by hollywood but by God, so believe me when i tell you a time will come when nollywood will go worldwide and the stars will be earning millions of dollars, yes nollywood feels pompous because it is the biggest movie industry in africa and other african countries including ghana are aspiring to act in it as well as modelling their movie industry to it, face it my dear nollywood is 100 times bigger,richer, and better than the ghanaian movie industry, nollywood doesn’t care if hollywood is interested in them or not because guess what nollywood has wowed the world at how possible we were able to create it out of nothing, well if ghana cannot do without hollywood and needs its help to make it, nollywood doesn’t okay.

    1. @flint, And u think hollywood will watching you taking over, y nigerians should get over ur day-dreaming, y never make any ‘quality’ movie to be recognized or noticed by the international movie industry,u aint taking over nothing, most of the movies are same ole crappy storeis, english no good, bad sound, picture quality bad, costume and make-up horrible, and yet u guys continue to talk big, the reason why as a ghanaian i watch some of ur movies is the addition of the ghanaian actors, none of the movies are thought provoking or extra-ordinary, same old stories with the same old cast, we r all waiting to see nollywood to take over the movie industry, becos Bollywood couldnt do it, please.

    2. @flint, @ FLINT…pls stop flattering urself…when u said earning millions of dollars, u shld’ve said millions of naira since it’s the nigerian film industry..they dnt need hollywood but yet they copy of their name to “NOLLYWOOD”…all those nollywood stars wish and dream of making into hollywood through their interview…so pls…just go take and nap and stop all this ur nonsense…if u’re proud of ur movie industry good for…we’re proud of ours tooo…just move on already…cuz as far i’m concern nollywood is NEVER better than the ghana film industry considering all their story lines are the same with same drama and too much shouting…there is nothing quality coming from nollywood….TRUST…so stop all these ur exaggeration…it maybe richer than ghana because of the large market and population it has in the country…other than dat, both nollywood and ghana are on the same boat…nothing serious…so go take a chill pill

      1. @lily, Pls let nollywood be aba!Aren’t u even happy dat at least a poor African country such as Nigeria has been able 2 create a movie industry out of nothing without help 4rm the west.Even our own Ghanaian stars gets more income there dan dey do in Ghana so wat is all the fuss abt.Besides when was the last time u saw Van Vicker act in a Ghanaian movie?.Hollywood can’t do it alone since not everyone enjoy their movies.(Although they’re the best)lets support all of dem.Anyway I think maybe Majid is the highest paid.

        1. @TheChuckylee, our actors are there because nigeria no longer favor their own stars and even some of them protest on it…they are in high demand of ghanaian actors not because they charge less, but because they are good actors and speaks GOOD ENGLISH…and obviously they need a different look in their industry…i’m not happy dat our actors are there giving in to them…NO…because at the end of the day, they dnt appreciate wat the ghanaians have put in and then insults us…dats where i find the problem…i’m not fussing just speaking my mind…van can choose to act wherever he wants to act…dats his own bizness…

          1. @lily, YOU WISH. Van Vicker was a NOBODY until he came to nollywood. “good english’ LOL. Like you I guess. Psycho Lily; that should be your name. They are paid much less, because they deliver less. Maybe you should ask them . They came to Nigeria begging for movie parts. THAT’S A FACT. If you talk about where wealth is shown, it is in Nigeria. A visit (if you can afford it) will convince you. N//B: They are happy to receive something as they know nollywood and not ghollywood will take them to the next level. Take a nap, dear…sure you’re tired ( and hungry). LoL

        2. @miss dior and @lily, how am i flattering myslef, well if you say i did, then i am okay with that, miss dior where in my cooment did i say nollywood is taking over, please if you can’t see, put on a glass and read through my comment thoroughly at least 10 times,for your information nollywood is already making movies of international standard and whether you watch nollywood movies with or wothout ghanaian stars, that is your own problem, yes lily i said millions of dollars not naira if you didn’t read my comment right,yes nollywood was copied from hollywood so, does that stop it from achieving or reaching its potentials, didn’t ghana copy ghollywood from hollywood as well, yes some nollywood stars wish to act in hollywood, and i repeat again so what, that does not stop it from achieving or reaching its potentials, whether you like it or not nollywood is better than the ghanaian movie industry, now if population is really what put nollywood ahead of the ghanaian movie industry,why is bollywood not bigger than hollywood since india has three times the population of america,why didn’t you guys like hollywood develop a means to better benefit from your movie market instead of depending on nollywood, please you guys should stop giving excuses and face the truth which is that nollywood is better than the ghanaian movie industry.

      2. @lily, what other evidence do you need to beleive that the ghanaian stars are paid less than nollywood stars, a producer last month who had a little misunderstanding with van mention he paid him 4 thousand dollars, kofi adjorlolo said in an interview that he has been paid as much as 5 thousand dollars and these figures are like 3 to 4 times less than what top nollywood stars earn, so i repeat again what other evidence do you need, lily please tell me how do they ghanaian stars speak better english, because just as alicia said bad english does not equal to accent, who says we no longer favor our stars, you should even be happy we are letting your artists act in nollywood, and if a movie industry that need a different look at their industry it should be the ghanaian movie industry because in the first place nollywood came to your aid.

    3. @flint, Look at this ridiculous fool. So you know better and you keep disturbing us with things like nollywood is richer and better than gollywood and naija acts are better paid and stuff. So if u know all this, that things start from scratch, why keep boring us with nollywood is this, nollywood is that huh? Now that Hollywood is being compared to toddler nollywood, you know how to defend ehhhhhhhh? Mock yourself duh?

  41. @lily
    that is absolute crap! sorry. Nollywood higher Ghanaians because they charge less, not because they are better. they charge less and stil make more than what they make than in Ghana. the producers are usually funding this out of their own pockets, to expect them to try and save even 3,000 dollars if they can. hahahahaha the likes of Van, Nadia, Juliet, Yvonne, etc… their acting skills are better? wait! what acting skills? the only people ill give it to is Majid and maybe Jackie. the others are mediocre or terrible.

    please tell me the Nollywood stars (name names) that speak “Bad English” because the last time i checked bad English isnt from the accent you have, but your grammar. i swear you people are so big headed cause your actors use their fake “posh” accents that you then translate into “good english” good english my ass.

    and dont act like only Nigerians insult Ghanaians. you dey play Victim? both sides have been insulting each other for ages. who cares! nothing new.

    I swear this website, Nigerians this and that. Kekkli, why are you even involving us in the first place?
    on Nigerian sites no one even talks about y’all. but here, i cant see a post where Nigeria isnt up and down all over the place. mcshewwwwww.

    1. @Alicia A., dats bullshit…then u need to visit some of the nigerian websites more often…YES both nation cast insults on each other…but be rest assured it’s not ghanaians who starts it…visit nigeriafilms.com as well as bellanaija and bunibuni and u will notice…WE ARE BIG HEADED…pls da only big headed once are ur so-called nollywood stars (which i dnt kno why)…and no nollywood dnt hire ghanaians because they charge…dats an excuse for every nigerian and even some of the producers because they dnt like to speak the truth…yes both jackie and magid are good actors…but if the likes of nadia, especially van, and yvonne wasn’t better, then their existence in nigerian films wouldn’t be needed…read carefully before replying because i simply stated that the nigerian film industry favor them more than their own stars…truth be told, nigerian stars dnt speak good english…dis has nothin to do with accent…even the whole world can testify to dat…lets not get started on that one…these actors dnt fake their accent…it is natural and because most of them have lived abroad for yrs before returning back home to ghana…and even if they fake their accents, they still speak ten times better than those one in nollywood who claims their educated…if our actors speak fake accents, wat shld i say abt jim iyke, ramsey, ini, tonto, stephanie okereke and the likes…pls nobody is playing victim…its just wat it is….

      1. @lily,
        LOOOOOOOL! i am a Bella Naija addict and no one talks crap about Ghanaians, thats a lie.
        and even if they do talk crap, so? STOP PLAYING VICTIM! both sides are always talking crap about each other. is it anything new?

        LOLOL!!! okay so when the producers are saying its because they charge less, you will then say they aren’t speaking the truth? WHAT? please tell me what the truth is. do you now read minds Ms Cleo? LOL. if its coming from their mouths, what is it then?

        you seriously think their acting is better? HAHAHAHA! EVERYONE knows Van and Nadia cant act. they book jobs solely on their looks (especially van) and WE ALL know this. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that he is terrible. if not for his looks, what else?

        like i said, name the stars that dont speak good english. what is your defenition of good english because when i sometimes watch nigerian movies with my other non-Nigerian/American friends, they understand them fine. from what ive read the most on this site people say nigerians have bad english because no one can understand their accent. uh since when did an accent = bad english? cause they dont sound brit/american?
        yes uneducated ones dont speak good english, DUH. the same in every country, but they arent in their movies, now are they? NO.
        jim iyke, everyone knows he is a pretender. ramsey spent a great deal of time in the UK. Ini and Tonto aren’t fake, they sound like a lot of Nigerians. quick question, do people think all Nigerians sound “bush” and if they dont they are faking it?

        another thing, i said this when i first joined this site. its not only nollywood movies using ghanaians, ghanaian movies are also using Nigerians. there have been plenty of Ghanaian movies with Nigerians starring in them. one that instantly comes to mind is “Shakira”

        1. @Alicia A., I am glad u realized dat ur naija websites also talk crap abt ghanaian…SO NOW WHO IS PLAYING THE VICTIM? as far as i’m concern, I am not playing the victim…more so, tonto and ini do fucking fake their accent even my nigerian friends notice dat shyt…it’s sad u dnt see it…and off course uneducated ones dnt speak good ENGLISH…DUUUUUH…pls stop flattering urself…van and nadia can act…we all witnessed how quick nigerians jumped on them da minute the stepped into the industry…all my nigerian friends and all the comments on their websites were on their dicks…so spare us dat one..which plenty ghanaian movies are u talking abt that starrs nigerian actors…pls…u doing too much…but i’m over it…because dis conversation is done and gone…NEXT TOPIC PLS

        2. @Alicia A., Sorry but Ramsey’s accent is nothing British. He is a faker then cos the only Nigerian act that sounds British is Michel Ikelugwu (spelling might be wrong) and she was Jackie’s sister in THE LOVE DOCTOR She is the only who i can say has real foreign accent though she might be a faker. It is so annoying to watch a movie with Emeka and Jim slanging with their thick igbotic accents.

      2. @lily, tell me which ghanaian stars speak better than which nollywood stars because i would like to know, and the whole world can testify that ghana cannot speak good english aswell, who says we favor ghanaian stars over nollywood stars, that the act in nollywood does not mean we favor them over our own stars, many artists from different nationalities act in hollywood, does that mean the are favored over the american stars, whether you believe it or not it is a clear fact that the ghanaian stars are paid less than the nollywood stars which makes nollywood producers use them more often since the are cheaper and it will cut cost of production for them, but i am not saying that is the only reason the are being used but lets face it nollywood has grown to a level that it is not only for nigeria, it can now be able to accomodate other artists from other countries, well as we all know the ghanaian movie industry has not grown to that extent, they have not even accomodated themselfves talk more of others, even a 7 years old child will know that jackie, van and co are faking their accent, it does not take a genius to know that,my ghanaian,tanzanian,ugandan friends notice it aswell, you call nadia’s accent natural, please go and watch the movie american boy again, this girl’e accent was so thick she was pronouncing love like “larve” and all of a sudden she stars rolling her rs and so fort, just go watch her older movies, you will see the difference between her accent then and her accent now even though she faked it a little bit back then aswell, well if you cannot tell the difference between accent and bad english, then thats just too bad, tell me why would the producers be lying about whether the were paying the ghanaians higher or lower, you know whats funny, had it been that nollywood ignored the ghanaian stars, the ghanaians will be saying we are too full of ourselves not to let their star act in nollywood, okay we let them act in nollywood, it has now become that they act better and speak better english than the nollywood stars, so either way it does not matter because you guys will still complain and insult us, it is only a matter of time before the rest of africa invades nollywood then i will see what other reasons you guys will give for acting in nollywood, truth also be told,ghanaian stars speak the worst english.

        1. @flint, AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAH….dats really funny…u wish ghanaians speak worst english…WOW…dats actualy funny…DAMN…EVERY CRAP U SAID IS ACTUALLY FUNNY…AIGHT HOMMIE

        2. @flint, as for lily and flint, we can’t even deny that BOTH sides have people that fake their accents. its just more common ghollywood stars. its like they ALL do it. nollywood, they have their handful that do it as well. and as for flint, i really DO want to know, why dont people here see the difference between and accent and bad english? if a chinese or indian man speaks english, are they going to then label it bad english, just because of the accent? going by that same logic that also means Americans and everyone else other than Brits also have BAD english because we don’t have posh Brit accents. mscheeeeeewwwwww!!!

          I’m still waiting on the list of nollywood stars with “bad” english.

        3. @flint, Sorry but Jackie and co do not fake. |Jackie has pure canadian accent cos she has lived there for so many years and my uncle who lives in Toronto always say this girls has canadian accent. ||And to tell u, do u need a psych to tell u that Ghanaians have proper accent. Go to the states and UK to see how ghanaians are acknowledged for good english and nigerians mocked in schools and workplaces for bad grammer, let alone accent. My white friends always prefer our movies to naija ones cos to them, they understand ghanaians english best and love their acting better. U should come to Legon and listen to the way your naija fellows speak abominable english and fail in english. I do not know why naijans keep disgracing Africa in eveything. It is soo pathetic.

        1. @flint, i’m ranting? please, get over this article cuz i dnt want to be notified by it in my e-mail…its done and over…and EVERY STUPID COMMENT U MAKE IS AWFULLY SILY…GET DA FUCK OUT OF HERE…DO U THINK U MAKE SENSE AT ALLL…DA COMMENTS DAT U MAKE ARE NOT ONLY SILLY BUT THEY R TRASH AS WELL….IDIOT

          1. @Boma, the only senseless person is u coming here 20 years later still commenting on this old beat down article…mtchewwww

      3. @lily, Please get some some money in your bag and go BUY movies. Nollywood produces over 2500 movies per year and your people are only taken to star in about 10-30 per annum. We can afford to help you out, boo. Check the net worth of Nollywood per annum. Ghollywood does not even come close to 8% of that… google up nollywood. All about nollywood.

  42. well alicia i want you to check nigeriafilms.com and come back here and tell us what you think. most nigerians on that site are talking bad about ghanaians. that website is full of hatred more than this site. so that is y some ghanaians here are talking bad about naija ppl… and pls when u check that site…try and talk those disagreeable ones to create peace.

  43. what ppl dont realize that before white ppl came to our land, there were no such thing as ghana, naija, angola, south africa etc………but there were tribes such as akan, ga, ibo hausa zulu etc etc……..so if we want things to get better africa we have love and teach our children to love their race .

  44. @lily, im not flattering myself. i could really care less. but on this site toooo many people always say they take crap cause nigerians talk crap. so i said they should stop playing victim cause both sites talk crap. i never visited nigeriafilms until last week about that rape incident.

    LOL! you still havent named the ones that dont speak “good” english.

    and who says im flattering myself? im really not, DUUUUUHHHHH. van and nadia cannot act. anyone can tell you that.
    like i said, its their looks that get them the jobs, not their “talent”.

    and what is the part about people commenting on their dicks? HUH? are you okay? how is that even relevant?

    1. @Alicia A., YEA…it’s quite unfortunate u dnt understand or see da relevance of anything…YES I AM OK…BUT R U OK…MAYBE NOT BUT DATS UR OWN WAHALA…keep waiting…from the look of the other posts i can see dat is all u do, by going on comment to comment replying…DAMN…it was cute at first but now u’re getting tiring and boring…and to think i was agreeing with some of ur comments earlier…shyt nigga…well then u need to visit nigeriafilms more often and the other nigerian sites dat pass insults on ghanaians before pointing fingers on our site…however i’m done with this because i realize this is all u do…going back and forth making some meaningless comments…so go on with all u gotta say…NEXT article pls…it’s been a week and niggas is still on dis article…I’LL PASS

        1. @Boma, dis article was like 10 f-ing years ago…why u still on it…ur dumb insults dnt change where i stand…so SHUT UP and grow some balls