WorldCup Song’s Video Is Out, Check Out KellyRowland, Samini,2Face, Jozi & Others


The FIFA world cup is getting heated up with countries like Spain, Algeria and  co losing their first matches when most people thought they would have won them easily.  All the same,  our homeboy Samini has done it again.

I posted the worldcup song  “Everywhere you go” few weeks ago featuring Kelly Rowland, Samini, 2face, Jozi, Awadi and others. Now, the official video is out. Check out Samini doing his thing on the international level with Kelly Rowland. GhanaCelebrities.Com says “Congrats” Samini!

Check Out Samini In The Video Below….


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18 thoughts on “WorldCup Song’s Video Is Out, Check Out KellyRowland, Samini,2Face, Jozi & Others”

  1. the song is not catchy, the video is whack. I don’t know what else to say about this song other than “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!”

  2. All I see is masonic symbols and hidden messages everywhere in this video. This is NOTHING to do with Africa. They’re just using these (attention whores) as a pond! I saw the checkered board in the background. I saw the different colored pyramids. Africans need to learn

    • @That Guy, Are the Free Masons and Masonry in general a huge thing in Africa? All we heard of as kids were “Lodge this and lodge that” … is Masonry so different from “lodges”?

      • @ghallday
        Same thing ghallday. The “Lodges” are the temple of Mason’s where they get together and share ideas, trade secrets, perform rituals to sermon demonic forces, etc. etc.

        Lisa is correct. All the World ‘Elites’, from the Queen (She’s the main head of Global Masonry), to every President and Corporate CEO’s, Televangelists, to even nowadays your average rapper, they are all initiates working for the same cause. When you see them accepting awards and thanking ‘God’, they’re not talking about God Almighty in the heavens, but the Devil himself. Jay Z and Nas, to name a few, are both 3rd degree initiates hence they’re spear heading the hiphop game. So if 50 and Eminem. Look closely and you’ll see that in Eminem’s name, the ‘E’ is reversed. There’s a good reason for this. He use to spell his name with regular ‘E’ until he got signed, then changed it to the demonic reversed E to honor the Goddess Eulogia. Google it.The greatest trick the devil ever pulled they say, was convincing the world he did not exist! These people has been able to sedate the whole world in a deep sleep through entertainment, sports, television, music and what not. I’ll write up a short description with some good youtube channels for those who want to look it up and wake up. Once you wake up in this world and see it for what it really is, all that hatred and confusion goes out of the window. Now do you see why am always on this site trying to wake up the webmasters? 🙂 Am acting as their conscious trying to guide them home. 🙂
        This world is full of negativity ’cause the feed of that as their source of power. Hence it’s imperative that one remains positive all the time. More to come shortly.
        Go to youtube, search for   FaShoFaSho1212 , then watch the Illuminati Project and wake yourself up and others. Life becomes much simpler and richer with understanding. You wouldn’t strive to want to sell your soul to devils and demonic forces for fame any more.
        Some of us were actually BORN into fame and power but refuses to take part in it ’cause we know what it is. Speaking for self of course 🙂

  3. trust me that guy ‘a lot’ of africans are not exposed to the whole ‘real’ world involving masonic symbols, illuminati n all that.. it will surely take a loooong time before our ppl wake up cos majority are just walking zombies… imagine the amount of ppl in africa who are obsessed with jazy z n co.. n will pay wateva to see them… its sad! google freemasons in ghana and see what yu get…there’s even a website for them,… majority of the ppl involed dont seem to even know what they are involved in.. they just think they are the priviledged and enlightened ones..

    • @lisa, Major power holders and people of influence worldwide have been rumored to be masons. Of course they will never openly admit to it but I have a good feeling nothing good comes out of joining them….eventually.

  4. i try to see the good in everything, who is Rola? she reminds me of Ivy Queen…anyway good attempt for a MTN themed song, oops for FIFA right, well not bad


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