Lydia Forson In Focus + Photos

Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson was born in Mankessim, Ghana. She migrated to the United States in 1990, at the age of 6, when her father pursued his doctoral degree. While living in the United States Lydia Forson attended Wilmore Elementary school in Kentucky. Three years later, when Lydia was nine (9) years old her family moved back to Ghana. She continued her formative education at Akosombo International School.

Lydia also attended St. Louis Secondary School in Kumasi where she completed her senior secondary school. After secondary school Lydia continued her academic pursuits by attending University Of Ghana where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Information Studies.

For years she flirted with the idea of entering the entertainment industry throughout her life; however it was in her final year at college that she was daring enough to take up acting as a career.


Lydia Forson has been acting on screen for five years, dating back to cameo roles in Hotel St. James (2005), Run Baby Run(2006), Different Shades of Blue (2007) and a stint in the reality show ‘The Next Movie Star’ in Nigeria (2007)

For months after the show, ‘The Next Movie Star’ she still found herself struggling to get the recognition she needed to jump start her career. As an actress who believes in quality scripts, Lydia was very selective and not willing to compromise on quality. This selectiveness gave her very few opportunities to advance her acting career.

Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson

Shirley Frimpong Manso, CEO of Sparrow Productions, who had previously worked with Lydia in the 2006 television series “Different Shades of Blue” called Lydia in for a reading for her 2008 movie SCORNED. This was the opportunity for which Lydia had been waiting. She got the lead role of Dea Thompson in the highly accredited film Scorned. This starring role led to her first African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) nomination as the Best Upcoming Female Actress and Joy Fm’s Night with the Stars Best Actress 2009.

The next critically acclaimed film in which Lydia proved her versatility and validated her status as a serious actress

Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson

was in the 2009 movie “The Perfect Picture”. Critics have called “The Perfect Picture” a masterpiece and Lydia’s dynamic performance solidified her a place in the Ghana movie industry.

Lydia’s passion for her work is demonstrated in the extent to which she embodies each character she plays in her movies. In her latest movie “A Sting In A Tale” Lydia once again demonstrated her commitment to her craft as she matched her talents with some of the best and brightest actors in the Ghanaian movie industry. Lydia Forson is dynamic in any role she plays whether as the lead actress or in a supporting role.


2005 Hotel St. James Abena Cameo roles

2006 Run Baby Run Becky Supporting Role. Won four

2007 Different Shades of Blue

2007 The Next Movie Star Reality Show Came In third runner up

2008 Scorned Dea Lead Role

2009 The Perfect Picture Dede Supporting Role

2009 A Sting in a Tale Frema Lead Role


Since her secondary school days Lydia has been an advocate for behavioural change among Africans. She strongly believes that our ideology has been of great influence on the state of affairs on the African continent.

She is working on establishing the FREE2BME Foundation; a mentorship programme to encourage thinking unconventional and innovative thinking among the youths and to inculcate in them the will to be anything but ordinary.

Personal life

In her final year in the University Lydia was almost dismissed because she went to take part in a movie competition. In a conservative country that was still adapting to the Industry, it was unheard of for anyone to choose acting as a full time career.

Pressures from school, society, and an Industry biased to size; coupled with the separation of her parents and the death of her grandmother saw her struggling to maintain her sanity amidst all that was happening around her.

Determined to prove a point she stood her ground and was later admitted back into the university. It was immediately after she got her break through role which ushered her into Ghana’s movie industry.

Actress Lydia Forson
Actress Lydia Forson

Lydia states that her inspiration comes from her mother, “she has been through more than any woman should have to go through, but still manages to smile and be strong for her children. She and my brothers are what I call my ROCK ‘.

It is with the same zeal that she approaches life. Lydia believes that the day we stop dreaming we end our existence. She lives by Tupac Shakur’s quote, “when my heart can beat no more I hope that I die for a principle or a belief that I had lived for”.

The Future

She believes in strong characters and stories that not only entertain but also educate. “As an actress our roles are most often determined by the offers at hand,” she said, “It’s rare for us get the chance to be characters that we truly are passionate about . So I eventually hope to write and produce stories I believe in.”


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  1. when did you get to know about all these? you know there are best actresses you never want them to be seen at their best. you are the true beauty and the best. keep the good work up ,some of us are proud of you and acknowledge your hardwork ,STAY BLESSED.

  2. an actress who does not force her self 2 act ,she as got everythin actress needs.LYDIA FORSON U AA DA BEST NO SIZE.

  3. i didn’t reali lyk her when she was in the Movie Star haus but i think she has proven herself quite well.she’s still got a long way to go tho but i knw she’ll get der, plus she’s ma church member. Berthany, God has blessed us.

    • i see …she is very funny person in her movies …but i heard she is now having these typical stars attitdude towards the media and everyone …dont knw if its a rumour but ..sometimes her Fb updates status says it ..she once betrayed a fan who inboxed her secretly ….on her page ..that was childish of her u knw …or once she called a pastor and wrote everything they saidon her page and making fun of it … thats wasnt funny miss forson …lol

  4. lydia is my gal..hands down..wen i think of a real, down to earth sista, i think of lydia..more nkuto to ur elbows wa3..nyame nhyira wo

  5. I don’t normally have time for all these articles but i just couldnt help myself…i have to comment on here. i just love and adore Lydia Forson soo much, she got a true african beauty, she is a great actress, she knows how to dress….she just got it all…love u gal…keep it up.x

  6. Hmm, I guess Mankessiem has produce a lot of  prominent children, from Fred Oware, NPP vice chairman, to top executive women  who are serving on Paramount and Sony Pictures  executive board to teachers in UCLA and USC. No wonder  why she’s that confident, all the girls that comes from Mankessiem have that, I’m better than you and I can acheive anything in the world attitude…. Good for her!!! that town has most of its natives living in abroad and most of them are prominent too.  Any wayz thanks for the info Chris..

  7. What a life and she is so young to be such an inspiration, the sky is the limit for Lydia Forson. I love to see you shine, keep it up you are a BONAFIDE star.

    The FREE2BEME org is soooooooo necessary in Africa of today and the future

  8. i love ur movies so much bt ma advise for u is dont look at wat people say bt look up to god only bcos he is the righteous one .god bless you and ur family and always do the right thing everywhere u go ok

  9. Scorned,Perfect picture,sting in a tale,girl you rocked and you were great in all. I know you’ll be great in all subsequent ones. More diesel to your elbows,knees and all. Be good.

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  11. She’s a diva when it comes to acting. I really admire her performance and am always eager to watch her movies. Please keep me posted when the FREE2BEME comes into being.

  12. African beauty and natural indeed. I almost believed that until she was on Allo Tigo with John Jermain and my sis and i saw how ugly she was. She isn’t beautiful without make up and her face shows that. She is a very good actress and also plays funny roles to their fullest. She even said i will still act vagina monologue no matter what. Love ur braveness.


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