Ghanaian Celebrities and the Media: Foes or Friends?


The ungrateful nature of certain human beings can be well examined and seen when given power or some sort of social status.

In my attempt to write down my thoughts on the relationship between the Ghanaian Media and our celebrities, the popular adage “do not cut the hands that feeds you” kept resonating in my mind.

I am not a believer in the maxim “stars are born and not made”, the reality of society is to make and unmake. The strongest inherent power or right of any group of people is the ability to make and unmake.

Celebrities or stars are made by the people who admire and celebrate their works. The strongest voice, spokesman or

head print of these makers are the media. When the media speaks well of a celebrity, the masses will continuously throw their loyalty at him or her, loving and adoring the celebrity even more.

The above implies that, the media has the unremitting power to strengthen the relationship between a celebrity and his fans, alternatively, can weaken this relationship, thereby, slowly but surely killing the given status.

My understanding of the making and unmaking credentials of the media suggest among other things that, celebrities who would love to die with their celebrity status must strive to have a healthy relationship with the media.

Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo & Jackie Appiah

It would even be far better for a celebrity to achieve a friendship relationship with media outlets. However, the nature of the former’s lifestyle in conjunction with the controversy of the latter’s character means a friendship deal can hardly be struck. This is why I am not advocating for a friendly relationship but a healthy one between the two.

The reason why most of our Ghanaian celebrities (my friend calls them local champions) are and will continue to be only known in Ghana and if they are even lucky, in Nigeria can be attributed to the pitiable relationship they have with the media

A local champion is well known within his/her locality. Outside he remains Mr Nobody (Mr Nobody, I know a funny little man, as quiet as a mouse…do you remember that primary school poem?).

Our celebrities and managers must learn how to use the media to their advantage. One thing the media is good at is promotion and not forgetting status destruction. I would not advice on which of the two celebrities should fight to grab.

Our celebrities should learn to  make use of the media, no matter how little it’s voice seems to be, and you would be the next lady Gaga ( That woman has been made by media hype and Promo, not out of talent).


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4 thoughts on “Ghanaian Celebrities and the Media: Foes or Friends?”

  1. i agree, the ghanaian celebrities are only known in ghana. not elswhere. especially when it comes to the musicians. i remember d’banj walking in on the big brother house, everybody knew who he was. But can TicTac,Sarkodie or R2bees walk in the same room and be recognised? the answer is no. Sarkodie is the hottest rapper in ghana but only in ghana. ghanaians have a long way to go. i feel sorry for my people. when will a ghanaian artist breakthrough the whole world. never because we are crap. am for the record, am a ghanian


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