Shaka Zulu! 4X4 Music Video Star Arrested

Shaka Zulu’s phone lines have been buzzed with phone calls over the arrest of a man who is known as Shaka Zulu. spotted Shaka Zulu last week at Rockstone’s Office, where he operates as a bouncer.

Well those of you who doesn’t know who is Shaku Zulu. He has the looks of an ugly man (but the ladies love him) with scary dreadlocks and was featured in the 4X4 ‘Fresh Ones’ music video. He has seen been playing shows upon shows with them.

He has been featured in Tigo television commercial and made appearances in Efiewura, the local sitcom. The guy was about making it and suddenly …

Watch 4X4 Fresh Ones (Shaka Zulu) Video


A 31-year-oldman, Richard Cobbina, alias Shaka Zulu, has been arrested by the police for alleged robbery.

The suspect, also known as Custodia, was arrested at a popular drinking spot at Adabraka last Monday night after he had been identified by another robbery suspect.

Shaka Zulu allegedly confessed to taking part in robbing some Nigerians on the Spintex Road.

Briefing the Daily Graphic in Accra on Tuesday, the Deputy Accra Regional Police Commander, ACP Christian Tetteh Yohuno, said Shaka Zulu and his accomplices allegedly raided the residence of the Nigerians and robbed them of their laptops and personal effects after a friend of the suspect had complained that the Nigerians had defrauded him.

He said Shaka Zulu and his two friends recruited another person, identified as Wise Grey, alias Biggy, to take part in the robbery.

He said Biggy allegedly provided the weapons for the operation during which they took away five laptops and other personal effects of their victims.

ACP Yohuno said the victims of the robbery mustered courage to pursue the suspected robbers in a car while the robbers were walking.

According to him, the Nigerians tried to hit the suspects with their car but only one of them, identified only as Old School, who was carrying two of the laptops, was hit.

He said Shaka Zulu and the others escaped upon realizing that it was the Nigerians pursuing them with the car.

ACP Yohuno said the Nigerian victims then handed over Old School to the Sakumono Police to investigate the matter.

He said Old School was currently on remand at the Nsawam Prisons while the police are searching for the two other suspects, identified as Abass and Stone.

He said intelligence led to the arrest Shaka Zulu last Monday, and he allegedly admitted to taking part in the robbery with the explanation that he took part because he needed money to take care of a lady he had impregnated.

ACP Yohuno said the arrest of Shaka Zulu should motivate Ghanaians to trust the police to deal with perpetrators of crime no matter how long it would take.

Source: Daily Graphic


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21 thoughts on “Shaka Zulu! 4X4 Music Video Star Arrested”

  1. If dis is true then thats very bad.Dis guy even luks like a criminal.So the women who claim to like dis guy was it 4 genuine love or something else with dat his scary so called Shaka Zulu look.Now I know why they say in twi dat Mmaa pe nkwasiafuo(Women like foolish people).

  2. If dis is true then thats very bad.Dis guy even luks like a criminal.So thewomen who claim to like dis guy was it 4 genuine love or something elsewith dat his scary so called Shaka Zulu look.Now I know why they say in twi dat Mmaa pe nkwasiafuo(Women like foolish people).  


  3. ,,,,,too bad,,,,,whoever he impregnated must av rilly bin on his neck for him 2 av ventrured into robbery wen Ghanaians were almost growin fond of him,,,,,,,anyway da law must still take it course,,,,kudos Ghana police,,,,

  4. There is no justification 2 crime, am sure he has been in dis business 4 long, how cum afta bein xposed 2 publicity b4 turnin in2 a scary robber? he shld stop usin 1 pregnant fish as an excuse cos it makes no sence 2 me. I ope u’ll cum bak a change person or u rest in peace. Fiafitor! Amewu la!

  5. i decided not to comment on this story last week cos i wanted to see the action that the corporate brand that has his face on their advert, will take. through out the weekend i watched the tigo advert and it still had him on it.i don’t knw wht tigo sees correct abt this but to me, thats a no no. if we’re talking corporate image and brand, it involves everybody and anything that is directly or indirectly connected to that brand. Tigo do the right thing before we say that u associate with criminals. at least for now that he’s been arrested, take his face off that advert. if he’s acquitted and discharged later, u can decide to bring him bak.

    just when u start making money and getting some recognition, u go and do this. lemme also ask, is this his first tym or thats his job?? if thats his job then we have loads of questions to ask ourselves in general. 1. how much background check do we carry out on those we want to hire? these are things we should relook at and the police should help us out. can’t believe he’s been working wig Reggie all these while and nobody suspected anything. lyf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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