2 Reasons Why Sarkodie Will Lose The MAMAs


It was worrisome to observe that of all the musical talents abound in Ghana, the organizers could only pick one artiste from Ghana in the upcoming 3rd edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards With (Airtel) Zain (MAMAs). Sounds interesting to me but are the organizers really the ones to be blamed? Whatever criteria, they used might be anti-Ghana.

As good as Ghanaian musicians are, they always play second fiddle to the population inflated Nigerians. Awards in Africa suggests that Nigeria and to a large extent South Africa are on top of the music game. Ghana’s position so far as these awards are concerned doesn’t look encouraging.

No matter how much sentiments Ghanaians show, it will still not change anything.

Ghanaian musicians have always had nominations since the inception of the awards. In the maiden edition in 2008 ‘Kwaw Kese’ was nominated in the ‘Best New Act’ category. Ofori Amponsah’s song ‘Odwo’ was nominated in the ‘Listener’s Choice Award’.

Though they all failed to win their respective categories, Samini made name for himself as the first Ghanaian to win, as he was adjudged as the ‘Best Live Performer’ in Africa in 2009.

As event unfolds to make way for the 11th of December 2010, fans of Sarkodie or Ghanaians in general will stay glued and wait patiently for the category he is nominated in to be mentioned.

Sarkodie is nominated alongside Wande Coal from Nigeria, Daddy Owen of Kenya and South African’s Big Nuz in the ‘Best Anglophone‘. Ghanaians will be much interested and hope to hear, ‘the winner for the best Anglophone is … Sarkodie’.

But before Ghanaians continue to dream, let’s go through the 2 main reasons why Sarkodie might not win the MAMAs. This is not about who detests who. I will try as much as possible to be objective and it is only people in denial that will think otherwise.

Reason 1: Voting

Can any country in Africa compete with Nigeria when it comes to mass voting? For whatever reasons, Ghanaians don’t like voting. And any competitions that winners have to be decided by voting means the best does not always wins. This is not to mean any recipient of any awards, doesn’t merit it.

The Ghana man doesn’t like vote, when he or she does, it is because they like you, not because you are the best and deserves to win. I don’t want to blame the lack of voting in Ghanaians as the result of high tariffs charged by the telecommunication networks. I think it’s a natural habit of Ghanaians.

Maybe a different story would have been told if Ghanaians had voted for Nii (Joe) and Kesse during the MTN Project Fame West Africa season 1 and 2 respectively.

Perhaps Sammi B would have won or gone far in the first Big Brother Africa. Perhaps Ghana would not have gone to the Channel O awards and come home with nothing, but can Ghanaians votes surpass the Nigerians?

Samini deservedly won the Best Live Performer last year because that category was not voted for.

Reason 2: Popularity

Just like Ghana Music Awards which is popularity based awards; Sarkodie’s popularity will be tested on the continent. The second reason why he might not win this award is because he is only known and famous in Ghana, not really known on the continent.

Can the popularity of Wande Coal in Ghana and in Africa be contested? A school of thought says he is even popular than Sarkodie in Ghana. People on the streets I spoke to, agreed Sarkodie is good. They like him because he is a Ghanaian but likes Wande Coal’s songs more.

From my honest point of view, I think Wande Coal is the favourite to win this one (This is not to rule out the other nominees).

If Sarkodie doesn’t win the award, it will be because of the two reasons above, however, I will be ready for a surprise package.

People say, Sarkodie will win because he is signed on to Akon’s Konvict Music. Whether he is signed on Akon or not will not make any difference.

Story By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr./


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24 thoughts on “2 Reasons Why Sarkodie Will Lose The MAMAs”

    • @Joseph Midnight,

      People like you are the reason why the author said Sarkodie can’t win because you despite your own without giving any evidence why Sarkodie is arrogance. Whether he win or not nobody and I mean nobody in Africa especially in Ghana can’t touch Sarkodie Lyrically.

      Speaking of public voting we know the Nigeria mass population can not be contest with Ghana so obviously the naija guy has a huge advantage of winning. Beside that Wande Coal with girly voice speak the naija broken english, so again that’s another advantage of winning. If Wande Coal and Sarkodie where to be selected on lyrics wise Wande won’t stand a CHANCE. 


  1. all i can say is that, Guiness Malt would have dropped drastically in sales in Naija if Ghana had won the Pan African Dance Champs…population speaks loads.that is why we need a selling mentality for our music and not awards..SELLLLL SELLLLL SELLLLLL…

  2. Sometimes i feel so sad whenever i see these Nigerians win over us.. these people are not better than us in any way.. their accent is like hell.. nasty like puke! AWW I EFFING HATE NIGERIANS.. even though i like their songss.. Everywhere you go, you will hear about them like wtf? i hate them like something.

  3. @ Maame, hatin wont do you any good and wont make Sarkodie win. After all english is not our mother tongue. With e so called ‘ hell accent’ we a sellin in Africa n all over e world. So continue with your hatred ok.

  4. Also weapon-x, e category is best anglophone not best lyricist. Moreover, they a not in e same genre of music, wande – pop/ r n b n sarkodie – rap. So your argument is baseless. If sarkodie is really e best, he’ll get wat he deserves. Mind you, sarkodie also speaks broken english.

    • @Daniel,

      If my argument is baseless then why the FUCK will you put pop/R&B with rap in the same category? Like I said, if Sarkodie win or not he’s one of the best out there. Speaking of been the best remember that sometime the best of the best doesn’t always get what they deserves. Last but not least, I ain’t dissing Wande naija accent english. What I’m trying to say is that it will give him more advantage since all his song are in naija accent english. Did you know that most of Western cities can relate and understand the naija accent? and including the African accent?

  5. Thumbs Up Eben for such a nice objective. The TEMA Boys need to step their games if they really want to win this award. Vote more or Win Not. LoL

  6. @ weapon x, e award is for e best english speakin artist hence best anglophone. I stand to be corrected dou. I didnt say u were condemnin wande, i meant dat sarkodie also sings in pidgin english. No beef guy.

  7. Am 4rm south africa, and we all enjoy nigerian music & movie’s and i think you ghanaians are jealous cos they are better than you. the difference is clear, nigeria has 13 nominations at mtv awards and ghana has just one fucking sarkodie.

  8. Okayyy Buhh I have one question for you Eben, what if he wins ? will the two “reasons” be an opinion or ??? I just dont see the point of this article .


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