Tish’s Corner: Would You Give Condoms To Your Promiscuous And Cheating Husband?….Jessica’s Dilemma


I guess every woman would expect her man to practice “Fidelity” at all times, including at very tempting times. However, men of today are unpredictable and can be up to anything at any time.

Even they would want to have a taste and feel the residues from another man’s bowl. How pathetic!.

It is extremely ridiculous how every man wants to own two or three cars but scared to pay the insurance on these cars. Honestly, most men are weird and complicated.

I have been throwing my head out over this weekend to answer the question; would you give condoms to your promiscuous and cheating husband, a concept my friend is considering.

Jessica (for the purpose of anonymity, I have changed her name in this piece) as far as I know has always been faithful to her man, but suspects her husband for riding on the other side of the chain.

Basically, summing up various issues brings to Jessica that her love and husband of 4 years is not being faithful and truthful to her.

It is far obvious; he is a cheat, maybe a “Casanova” and wants to knock every girl on the park.

She has over the years ran into him at uncountable places, at restaurants, bars, offices with other women, but has given bogus “cock and bull stories” and flimsy excuses, like, it is a business meeting, that hell of crap.

Jessica realized the kind of man she has been married to or getting down with and began sneaking into his bags during his absence to the many of his business trips, vacations, work and parties.

Jessica knowing the kind of man she has who detests the use of condoms is extremely worried as to her safety and protection. She plans on approaching her husband to talk about the same thing she has been accusing him of doing over the years.

Surely it has become a deadlock now and therefore she thinks the best and the only way to safeguard her interest and health is to offer her promiscuous husband weekly condoms. This seems the only way out.

I thought divorce was the best but she quickly rejected it, citing the interest of her 2 kids and the fact that they wholly depend on this man.

Do you think this is the right approach even when she has never caught him in bed with another woman and he has over the years denied doing anything of such sort??

Jessica is worried as to what the outcome would be, what if he gets upset with her approach?

In a nutshell, is it really worth it or good to give condoms to your cheating husband?


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14 thoughts on “Tish’s Corner: Would You Give Condoms To Your Promiscuous And Cheating Husband?….Jessica’s Dilemma”

  1. Whoa but what if he doesn’t agree to the condoms, she must not use her kids as an excuse and put up with this kinda behavior, leave his no good cheating ass asap. This is why i always tell my friends dont depend on men financially, work for your own so that when he starts trppin’ u can leave his ass immediately. In my humble opinion giving him condoms is not the resolution to the problems, she talk to him but if he continues to do what hes doing, she should leave him.

  2. First of all i think it shameful to see these 21st century men insult everything a relationship and marriage stands for. If “Jessica2 was my friend. I would just tell her in plain simple English to leave this cheating scum. On the other hand she needs to find evidence ie. picture or some prove before jumping out of the scenery. If She has these evidence then let the court and society deal with this man.

    Has he no morals to be humoing about like a rabbit when so many diseases are floating in the air. As for your friend i understand why she would even go as far as providing condoms to this child she calls a husband but that in itself is a crime against marriage. It like giving a criminal the keys to yor house with your address on the back. She is just making it easy for him to carry on with his double standard life. You cannot eat and have your cake at the same time.

    When her kids grow up they will resent her for not standing up and protecting them from this goat. Marriage vows are for better and worse. But she needs to choose her sanity, happiness and mindbeing of her self and her children.This man would never change. I would also advice her to seek consuling and maybe a sex theraphy with both herself and her husband. And also a pastor if they are religious. The choice is in her hands. At times women always stay in a crumbling relationship just because they have kids. What they don’t seem to realise is that kids copy our behaviour and they accpe that to be the norm. I would say1. get prrof of his infidelities, 2. Seek consuling from a pasto, marriage advisor and a sex therapis so everyone can address their issues. And if all fails send his stupid self to the cleaners so they CRIMINAL JUSTICE deal him acordingl.

  3. This is really awfull. if she gives him condom then your encouraging your husband to cheat. This days men dont take marriage vows serious. They are always the cause of divorce. There are many women that are patient even more patient all in the name of the kids. but seriously a man that cheats on you doesnt have respect 4 you. he might tell you i love you other women are for lust but that is disrespectfull for the marriage. the sooner you leave the better or you’ll leave to regret it for the rest of oure life

  4. First of all you need to be aware of signs of cheating Document everything that leads you to believe that your man is cheating on you Track his cell phone bills and write down any unfamiliar phone numbers You can even track down those numbers with a reverse phone number look up That is a very useful tool which allows you to get every bit of information about someone’s whereabouts.
    Second, when your possible cheating man starts coming home late from work call his or her phone and check their behaviour Does your cheating partner become easily irate with you cause when it comes to situations like this you girls like to judge the man like he is the one being bad reading this letter tells me allot about that Jessica that she always had no trust in the man she married and had two kids with I mean come on relationship (marriage) is build on ups and down times that thing go right and times that things go wrong woman easily like to judge man when they not getting any attention from their man and like to suspect him already of cheating on her than but giving condoms to him is a big insult where is the word communication the key to everything honestly I dong agree with this Jessica story there is more to it than it’s written above there 

  5. jessica is doing the right thing for her family sake. Sometimes our men don’t know what they have until is gone Jessica all i have to say is that if he still takes care of his responsibilities and comes home to you then just continue on with your LIFE. Also pls my sister find something to do with your life cause in this modern day women dont depend on men because if u do that’s when he finds it ok to treat u like crap after all he knows you won’t leave because u have no source of income. Keep ur head up girl

  6. of course i will.
    knowing the fact that he is a cheating husband and owing to the fact that thetre are sexually tranmiteed diseases around
    for my own safety and that of my children. y not not i will give it to him. or girls what do say to that?

  7. & Even If Jessica gives him condoms, how would you know for sure that he’s going to use it..& besides condoms are 99% guarantee not 100….i think she should try talking to him .

  8. jessica u should gradually find something to do so that u can financially support urself and leave his dumbass. even if u give him the condoms what shows that he will use it. he might not use the condoms and probably leave u sometime soon and b4 u know u have an STD. im sure there are guys out there who will love u and ur kids.

  9. der r a lot of ppl who ve blended Jessica shdn’t think she myt b de only woman who has bn divorced havin kids in the marriage..

  10. i think Jessica should find something to do “to keep her busy” and leave the rest to God in prayers, God changes human beings behaviour and not man. Either Jessica accept him as he is OR pray to God for forgiveness. TRUST ME IT DOES WORK LIKE MAGIC

  11. ‘Women need a reason to have an affair, men just need a place’ – go-getter, Men like Rep. Chris Lee, Jesse James and Tiger Woods had it all: talent, fame, money, and beautiful Family. Yet with everything to lose, they were accused of cheating on their wives.
    Men will cheat if given the opportunity. They are just like that! They can be happy in their relationship and life, but if the opportunity to cheat is there, they will do it! I really believe they can’t help it.’
    A man might cheat in this situation either to “get back” at his spouse, to receive the desire he feels is due him (but cheated out of by his wife), or as part of a pattern of self-destructive behavior due to a lowered confidence.
    Most women have the tendency to lament and crib about their problems, just because they want these problems to be acknowledged, while men on the other hand, tend to crib about problems because they are looking for solutions to these problems. Obviously, there are going to be many differences between a man and a woman’s point of view and how they will react when put under pressure
    When a man is being unfaithful, he might not think of the consequences that will follow or how his partner may feel – because he is caught in the heat of the moment. Yes, it is the level of respect and the commitment levels that you have and that your partner has that will determine whether or not your relationship will work. Through respect, open communication and caring, you will be able to understand your man better and the chances of you relationship working out will be stronger
    A married man took a vow in front of a priest or a judge and at least few witnesses promised to love honor and cherish his wife. That like saying here goes have some fun! I don’t think so! No way would I give condom to my husband to screw around, I don’t buy this condom suggestion because even his mind might not be on screwing someone but the moment he has condom at his possession believe be he will be tempted to screw like I said men re go getter. Thx


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