Updated With Video: Confidence Haugen Evicted Out Of Big Brother Amplified…

Confidence Haugen
Confidence Haugen

What else is there to say? You have seen it all and have read it all on here.  Anyway, Confidence Haugen could not escape eviction this week as the votes she gathered could not save her…

To cut long story short, Confidence Haugen is out of the game leaving Ghana with only Alex Biney…Let’s wait to see where Alex can take us… To me, Confi has done well and she deserves a big welcome party at Aphrodisiac…

There better be one out there for her when touches base!

Watch Video Below…


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22 thoughts on “Updated With Video: Confidence Haugen Evicted Out Of Big Brother Amplified…”

  1. she was just being the diva that she is and i love her for that, she is such a beautiful woman, gotta love Confi and yea, all the pple in the heads house are fake and backstabbers…a bunch of gossipers, twww

  2. O ok at long last……now be ready for Ghanaians!!!! we have all the photos and the video…lwhat did u achieve? and what can u be proud of? was it worth it? shame on u !!!!

  3. oh oh why are ghanaians are not getting to the top of the game always out in the middle of the game the reason is that the people have no style ,don`t entertain and not inteligent.This is the only platform to know who is who in Africa and Naija has shown that we won the big game twice which nobody has ever done before since the show started in Africa.The country ( Ghana) that never got to the top of the game should come to Naija so that we will teach them how to have a charisma and swag.Our sister Karen is entertaining and Africa love her she is going no where.

    • @jojo, Take your irresponsible Nigerian self somewhere. Ghanaians are the best and we love ourselves just the way we are. If we dont win big brother, doesnt mean thats the end of the world for us mofo! Get the good life and stop bitching like a village and typical Nigerian girl who doesnt have anything to do than but to gossip and say irrelevant and stupid things. 

  4. @Kofi…and so???..wats ur prob??.. as ur aware..she knew xactly wat she was goin der to do dats y she wore dat tshirt wit d STOP THE KONKONSA ..print on it..its ppl lyk u dat dnt progress..wat abt d rest r dey achievin sumtin by being der???..WELCOME CONFY…A welcome bash for u…

    • @ThickMama, u see if a woman of age and with a child goes to BBA without shame and shows his nakedness to the whole wide world den der is a problem…n wen dat woman evn has somtn( a club) to live on….den der is a problem. Let me tell u it shows how morales and values have fallen and what people will do for money…and when u evn get pple to defend such actions…den der is a problemn. I can only hate…but she is the one who ll live with it the rest of her life and explain to her kids why she went naked on live tv

  5. @Kofi…xactly…its her problem!!..let her deal wit it!!…n hvnt u realised d standards n morales r fallin everywher all in d name of modernisation??..but truth b told u n i cnt do anyfin abt it!!..u may try but eventually it ll all cum to naught..dats how its to be..@ least individually u can stick to ur principles..but dnt judge…fink abt it..dats wat ure doin..i dnt get whole BBA idea myself bt if sum ppl wnt to run dere lives d way dey see fit ..its dere prob..


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