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The A Plus Show
The A Plus Show

Let There Be Sound And There Was Music!

The most difficult task in the life of every journalist is to review the works of a lifetime legend. Choice of words and superlatives are usually such a challenge so one does not fall short of describing such a legend. If there is anyone person who has endeared himself so much in terms of music in this country, it would have to be Appietus.

One of the best music ears in Ghana no doubt is Appietus. Appietus just has to say let there be sound and there sure will be music! Music lovers across the country just can’t have enough of his productions. Budding artistes only need one stroke of his hot hands during recording and they are off to sell million copies and become stars within a short time.

Artistes on the burn out are just immersed into his musical river and they come out big on the music scene to touch base with their fans again. Did Appietus learn music production in Ghana? What sacrifices did he have to make if any to fulfill his dreams? Any lessons for parents about honing the talents of their children?

Let’s take a musical journey on ‘THE A PLUS SHOW’ this Thursday, as we celebrate the musical genius. He shares with us not only about his humorous side but we learn from his sacrifices, power to dream big, perseverance and successes.

Fosu Double ‘K’ On The Money:

What better signature to give our viewers a feel of what Appietus is all about, than a signed, sealed and delivered present in the showmanship of K.K. Fosu. Boyfriend only needs a microphone and you don’t need to ask if he can sing. K.K. Fosu is music and music is him. His melodious songs especially his carefully chosen lyrics leave anyone listening to him pay him the deserved attention.

Any time K.K. Fosu is on stage he dumbfounds his audience from his matured and sterling musical performances. He checks all the right boxes when it comes to music and entertaining any crowd at all in world. We are very proud to bring to our viewers this week, one of Ghana’s great in both music and showmanship.


The King of Tropo Trapa visits his Akuapim friends. There, he learns why the Akuapim’s just can’t succeed in the armed robbery business. Want to know why? And like the Ga tribe who always omit the letter ‘h’, what is the Akuapim equivalent? So what is A PLUS’s beef with what the media reports and how does he connect the dots with a donkey, a priest, a nun and a bishop?

Money Palaver:

So the Siaw Brothers fell in love with a chop bar girl on purpose so they get to eat for free every time they so wish. They were beaten at their own game after they have heavily ordered and been served, then their girl vamoosed….how do they pay? Don’t miss the adventures of the Siaw Brothers.

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A Plus with Appietus



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