Celebs Out & About: Nadia Buari, Martha Ankomah, Majid Michel & Wife At Bow Wow & Keri Hilson Concert

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Over the weekend in Accra-Ghana, American rapper Bow Wow and Keri Hilson headlined the Gh Stand Up Concert which was supported by several local artistes such as Guru, Edem, Buk Bak and others…
Ghanaian movie stars-Nadia Buari, Martha Ankomah and Majid Michel came out to enjoy good music…
Nadia Buari is doing great with her recent hair styles. I love this new hair do! And for the past 2 months, Majid has been wearing those ‘thick vest’ on his shirts. Not sure whether it is the new style in Ghana, but I am sure he must be heating up his body.
Check out the photos GhanaCelebrities.Com captured below

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. just put nadia in any hair style ,any dress she will look yummy ..
    keep it up nadia ..
    and not forgetting majid and martha i love your swag …

  2. martha,you have a natural black beautiful skin,keep it like that and stick to whatever cream you are using.NO bleaching girl please,

  3. Wooooow how I wish I was standing in between Nadia and Martha I can picture myself in the middle but Nadia you killed the Miss Hilson swag for real damn you look swaggerlicious

  4. U ppl must be kidding me right now,what abt nadia’s hair or whatever is nice? Really! trash is now in vogue huh.lmao… She screams trash from head to toe …pls tell her the truth and stop kissing ass!

    1. @lily, hahaha u can say that again n again my dear sis, goddam hot mess, she tries so hard but poor girl keeps failing.eiiish

      1. hmmm so this is ur idea of swag? no wonder u don’t see anything wrong…..Keep kissing ass till thy kingdom come. 

        1. @lily, you can go and check a letter Beyonce sent to Michelle Obama, verify the signature of Beyonce, Nadia copy the same Signature. how sad, girl needs to be orginal…..hope Nadia fans are reading this.

        2. @lily,You got a lot to learn my dear don’t forget she went to a show not to a dinner party but keep fooling yourself all the way she still rocked it and I don’t no her on person to be licking her as that’s something I rather leave for you to do bless 

      2. @miss dior, Sorry for her too. This dressing reminds me of the waif from the tv series Married with Children. Which was very white trash. 🙂 Not good at all. Sorry Nadia try again! It seems like she’s visiting the wrong places in USA!!! You hear that too when she’s talking her “fake” US accents!!! Sorry sweetie! But we still like you 🙂

  5. Nadia must learn how to dress! This is ridiculous like its 2012 you are one of the biggest African movie stars yet you dress like THIS! ADZEN??? GET A STYLIST BOO ASAP

    1. @T,Learn how to dress are you kidding me Hahahaha where are you from and what has 2012 got to do with her dressing 
      I’m really curious 

  6. Nadia looks fine as always ..good sense of dressing ..very verstatile in her fashion ..and not boring ..majid looks more shorter here .. though i knw he is not tall ..nice outfit anyway .. marthas dress is ok ..

  7. Martha’s dressing is tacky. Majid and his wife have lovely personalities that overshadow any non stylish dressing, so that’s fine with me. As for Miss Buari, she doesn’t know what suits her and what doesn’t. That outfit is not for people with yam legs. Her wig is a Tina Turner wannabe hairstyle and Tina is in her 70s I think and Miss Buari her 30s…so why that wig? And why the blazer? Hiding some flabs and folds? And forcing to have a waist with a tight belt? Hideous!

    1. @Ewurama, Tacky indeed.First of all, that shiny outfit looks a bit tacky and should have been matched with a decent hair and some cute pumps, just to add some classiness to it.I bet Yvonne Nelson would have done that for me..And what is it with the belt?Really ?Girl, you are beautiful:but still needs to work on ur fashion sense.

    2. @Ewurama, hahaha i cant stop laughing abi, yam legs paaa, omg some of u are mean but its the truth tho, lol

  8. im sorry but anyone that think’s nadia’s dressing is nice clearly does not know fashion, the shoes are tacky. the jacket is wrong and the whole playsuit looks cheap….and the hair clearly does not go with the outfit, and also i know damn well know that the people who says she looks nice would not wear that on a night out so please stop lying and saying the outfit looks fly.martha im just going to give u a ?…majid please thats your wife u need too atleast tell her the truth about h er outfits.ohh and if my opnion is making me seem like a hater then it clearly shows that ppl dont know the difference between hating and telling the truth

  9. whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i have the same exact jump suit she got on..excpt my body looks great in it than hers 🙂

  10. I wonder if Nadia ever heard of the saying “less is more”. Looks like a busted up Tina Turner after a whooping from Ike. Sorry girl,was a fashion miss for me. Tough smh. Think she could do better as she have shown before,with her previous appearances she has celebrity flare n glam. This look just didn’t cut it.

    1. @revo-Lucian, these comments are cracking me up seriously keep it coming lmao ‘busted up tina after whooping from Ike lolz

  11. Look u guys, be serious for once what‘s wrong with majid‘s wife dressing, remember she‘s not going for a dinner or a wedding ceremony is just an entertainment show and above all she‘s married. Infact her outfit looks very simple and nice. You guys even like nadia‘s dressing. I love your outfit looks great on you!!!!!!

  12. lool @Nadia, aren’t you feeling hot? And what’s with the figure-belt underneath a blazer? And those ankle boots I see lots of Ghanaians rocking, aren’t your feet feeling all sweaty and dump? Allow some fresh air!! And why is the darker chick trying so hard to pose? Take it easy girl, the lesser posing the better!! People allow @Majid’s wife, she’s a married woman and if she decides to be that reserved it is her choice! Maybe Majid is very jealous and don’t forget he’s with her for a reason maybe because she is decent. What happened to a proper African married lady covering their hair and what nots are we not Africans anymore? Do we not promote decency in married women anymore?? I’m sure if she was all sexified people will still reprimand her and say she is a married woman hence she needa cover up!! At least she isn’t covering her hair so Just leave her to do her.

  13. I thought Majid’s wife looked ok and simple .Mind you it is a concert and not an awards night they were going to… I am not a fan of both Martha’s and Nadia’s outfit. Nadia dresses  great usually  but seriously she looks like a drag queen in her whole ensemble. My problem with Martha’s outfit is i can see cellulite on her inner thigh. They seem to be sticking out!!! She still has a pretty face and great body,maybe a slightly longer dress dress would suit her better!

  14. Rolling, rolling, rolling down the riverrrrrr!!! Eish Tina Turner paa nie! Hahahahahaha oh noooo Nadia, sorry Hun, this doesn’t work for you… Or didja think Keri might be looking for some backup dancers for the night? Lolz, just jokes babes, you are a cutie but that outfit was just wrong! I reckon our ghanaian stars were seated in a VIP air-conditioned box somewhere higher up so won’t diss their choice of shoes and attire for the occasion. Honestly, if you have been to music concerts, you would agree with me that Majids wife is the most suitably dressed… Its hot, your feet might get trampled, clothes might get a little sweaty, so I would wear that with cute high top sneakers for a concert any day…just saying…

  15. Does Nadia have money at all or she just dont know fashion?? wat kinda combination is that? that outfit dont sue her at all, and them shoes gotta go. aleast she could’ve take off that stupid blazer off and that may make her look a lil better. Oh Gosh somebody PLEASE help Nadia with her fashion cos i honestly think this girl dont have any sense of fashion at all.
    My girl Martha looks AMAZING…….LOVE YA

    1. @kizzy, essien stopped giving her money so yeah these movies dont pay lol that much last i heard nadias shooting is between 500 to 600 dollars which is bad.

  16. @KIZZY- LMAO LMAO LMAO…..Thats soo true…i totally agree with you. lol. God please let Miss essain Ex find a good stylist to help her plsssssssssss. and pls help her stop copying Beyonce. lol AMEN

  17. martha always beautiful and will forever be beautiful
    martha’s beauty needs no correction
    martha every were u go martha