VIDEO: Sister Deborah Interviewed On CNN For ‘Uncle Obama’…Watch It Here Now!

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Uncle Obama
Uncle Obama

Seems like Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu refuses to disappear. The TV personality and aspiring actress has become Ghana’s first ever viral Internet star and is causing a stir in the United States, Europe and around the world with her song and accompanying music video for ‘Uncle Obama’ which has been released under the moniker ‘Sister Deborah’

The song, which she says has nothing to do with the US President Barrack Obama but is being perceived as such and has gained major popularity worldwide in the 2 weeks since its release.

With over half a million views collectively online, the video for Uncle Obama has now caught the attention of mainstream media.

CNN’s Richard Davis contacted Sister Deborah two days ago to set up a Skype interview with the Queen of Quirk, Jeanne Moos. The interview, which aired last two nights on CNN International & CNN America, can be viewed here.

Watch what Sister Deborah had to say about the song and video, which has stirred up a lot of feelings online:


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Find Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu on Twitter: @deborahvanessa7 and Facebook: /deborahvanessa007

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  1. way to go, debbie. we all agree that you cant sing, but you sure are making te headlines with this one! thumbs up.
    ..and hey, there was no point saying ‘sorry’. It is art, and a little humour doesnt hurt anyone. whoever gets offended by this is definitely too uptight.

    1. @Fii, i do agree wif point of saying sorry but somehow it was gud to say that….i luv the song…must every song base on gud lyrics ..? …i luv it thou….the funny part of the video is wen i saw WANLUV HER BOTHER…. two trouble one God …

  2. wow thats all i will say. creating unnecessary attention. coulda used a differet title for ur ear hurting song

  3. hmmmmm, so this thing has gone that far huh? I dont think she meant to be disrespectful in anyway just wrong choice of lyrics maybe. 

  4. We all agree the song has no meaning but u cant dispute the fact that it is very funny.Usually songs in that bracket get more attention.If u are having a bad day and u listen to it for the very first time,u appreciate the humour in it

  5. People Please, it’s not like we don’t have biscuits named after Obama… And why are we acting like Daddy Lumba never sang “Aben Wɔ Ha” or Papa Shee never did “Koyonn Sɔ” and RnM don’t have a song where all they say is “Ɛhyehye me ɛwowɔ me”

  6. hahaha well done lady. this shows in our world u av to be ridiculous to get noticed. at least u have being heard. now i wonder what will come next

  7. vanessa has a typical ghanaian accent, its nice i like the fact that vanessa deborah didnt fake an foreign accent when she was being interviewd. if it was yvonne okoro or nadia, they would have faked an accent. 

          1. Hahahhahahhaha geeez lol that would be harsh I’m a nice person with nice personality you know I guess I have to be more nicer to people than we don’t want that to happen [email protected],

    1. @maame, it is a form of slang or a term that loosely mean “something that is ripe for the taking” or “anything that u won’t work for”
      So if I say aben wo ha it will means am loaded and am enjoying myself.It depends on the context that it is used.Hope u have a rough idea abt it

  8. @Jay, I like ur comment some Ghanaians are hypocrites through and through.Some ppl are decieving themselves that they are offering honest criticisms but all they are doing is just plain hating.If DL or kojo Antwi had sang this song the same ppl wld have been praising them.Get real ppl.Envy is a disease so try to get well

  9. Do your thing eff the haters, who cares if she can sing or not, its not that serious people, if you wanna hear real music go pick up lumba, sarkodie and co

  10. Because de akatas and white people didn’t understand. Now she won’t go anywhere except in Ghana with f.uckin stunt like dat. Like I said she coulda titled it uncle. She lucky she don’t live here in america she woulda got death threats

      1. @SynDeytish (dats not my real email biatch), I hope you didnt just started commenting on this topic without reasoning bcos your comment don’t make sense a bit. I hope you come again!

        1. @Semi-Cartermatic,wat de f.uck don’t u understand? I’m replying to de b.itches dat were comparing lumba’s song to dis

  11. LOl This whole thing is very funny.. Sister Debirah anaaa!! Like someone said before, there are biscuits around called Obama lol.. And even in China there’s Obama fried chicken.. lol 

  12. Hehehe I am sure ‘Nadia and other celebrities who want to go on CNN are sad and killing themselves now . As I always say if CNN needs you , they will find you so do what you do and be yourself