Sarkodie Sings About ‘Illuminati’ In New Song


You are about to listen to a new song ‘Illuminati’ by sarkodie.

Sarkodie has been thrown into the conspiracy surrounding  ‘Illuminati’ members. The accusation heightened when he picked the recent BET Awards with Nigerian’s Wizkid.

Through his manager, Sarkodie complained and denied being part of any secret society.

“Sarkodie is a strong Christian who believes in God, who prays a lot, who goes to church and believes in the power of the Holy Ghost and that is what it is” he said.

So why would he sing and rap about it? Apart from Sarkodie’s flow with a good instrumentation, he didn’t say anything different than what we already know.

Is saying you are not Illuminati enough when you use things allegedly associated with the society in your pictures and videos?

Listen to the song below


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6 thoughts on “Sarkodie Sings About ‘Illuminati’ In New Song”

  1. This tune is already a banger.  Seriously this tune is on point and the only thing i will tell sako is to f’ what he heard.   Anyways still think, strongman the recent winner of the ‘ da next big thang will in future give sako a run for his money. let wait and see

  2. Ghanaians can be very ignorant sometimes…this controversy is a complete non starter..we r so mediocre tht the minute someone does very it must be attributed to a secret society…n so we do not encourage each other to succeed…do research on this group(even though Im sure it wnt add anything to ur life)…n find hw dark tht group is..there is NO!member hu comes out as being Christian n sing abt hw thy r saved n praises God or denies being in it at the same time….if u r in it u r fully in it..leave this guy alone n allow him to enjoy his blessings…we always find baseless ways of trivialising a persons achievement..

  3. Some of us are in their little holes,staying with people hu we r nt married to,masturbating,lying,perverts,n all kinds of sins yet we have the moral right judge a persn hu has been bleesd with fame??…arent those satanic plans as well??…if u dnt like the guy do not listen to him or else SHUT UP!!!

  4. Ghanaians talk too much ….
    The guy is forcing let give him the credit,ghanaians talk alot if a Ghanaian will not call you sika duro names ,they Will try to bring you down,

    Who jah bless !!!!

  5. About sarkodie being an illuminati…………….sincerely i lyk sarkodie a lot and i av been a fan of him for quiet a long tym but whilst his personality changes the words he use also changes,and i av seen that he has changed,though the flow is there but he dnt use some attribute of God he used to use.i neva believed it until I heard the BAYLA TRAP track which R2bees featured him.if u listen carefully he says “na me may3 mod3n?dont hate me please hate my MAKER”Is this our sarkodie we used to knw?how do u expect me to continue being his fan.after all am not contributing nothing to his success.but i live him peace


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