BIG BROTHER AFRICA: The Chase Update- Feza From Tanzania Has Been Evicted

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By now everyone is well aware our Elikem is not coming home today neither is he coming home next week but eviction is still the fear that will catch a few more people.

And today being Sunday with Feza, Bimp (who Beverly replaced with Dillish) and Cleo up for eviction, Feza had already lost hope of being saved as she confessed to Big Brother before the live eviction show; she was sad and lonely since her man Oneal was sent home last week and she pointed out that the two of them were easy targets for the others.

Since Bimp was saved, three women were automatically up for eviction. Who did Africa save and who did we send packing?

After IK showed up looking so good he made the ladies swoon and interviewing ex winner Keagan who has put on a lot of weight on what he used the money he won for, Keagan of course Feza went home as she predicted herself.  Keagan claims he invested all the money. I am wondering if this is true considering how fat his cheeks are now. LoL.

Catch up with Keagan’s interview here;

Are we surprised Feza was sent home one week shy of her Beau? Naa! I don’t think even she is surprised. By bye Feza, at least your man will not be lonely out there alone. And congratulations on running a good mile, she was the 20th housemate to leave.

Watch her eviction moment here

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