Kwaw Kese & Manager Still Members of MUSIGA After Betraying the Union

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Kwaw Kese

Shockingly, the manager of Hiplife musician, Kwaw Kesse and of Mad Time Entertainment, Fennec Okyere, after betraying the musicians union of Ghana, MUSIGA, is still a member of the union.

MUSIGA launched its maiden event, Ghana Music Week, in Sept, 2012. The event, which promised to be an annual one, spanned 3rd March to 10th March, 2013. News broke out that the name Ghana Music Week had been registered by a member of MUSIGA. Who could it be?

That person was the manager of Kwaw Kesse, Fennec Okyere. The story created a hubbub in our art industry last year but was not properly resolved. This year, MUSIGA is again going to organize the same music week but with the name GMW celebration.

After almost a year of betraying MUSIGA, Fennec Okyere has come out to threaten MUSIGA. “They can’t use GMW because GMW is just the initials of Ghana, Music, and Week, which I still own the franchise so I will not allow them.” Fennec revealed on Neat 100.9 fm on Tuesday 11th Feb, 2014.

Having committed an act which can clearly be termed as conflict of interest, GhanaCelebrities.Com wanted to know if Fennec Okyere and Kwaw Kesse and still members of MUSIGA and if they are, why?

In an interview with the Administrator of MUSIGA, Mr. Ahuma Daddy Bosco, he said “Kwaw Kesse and Fennec Okyere are good standing members of MUSIGA.” Having betrayed the union, why are they still members of MUSIGA? Why haven’t their membership revoked?

“Well, I get where you are coming from. You know, when the case happened, we (executives of MUSIGA) thought it was nothing so serious so the decision of revoking their membership never came to the fore for discussion or consideration. If any such decision will be done, it will require the general executives of the union. So for now, they are still members of MUSIGA” Daddy Bosco intimated.

We at GhanaCelebrities.Com think it will not offend fairness and substantial justice if MUSIGA annuls and expunges Kwaw Kesse and Fennec Okyere from MUSIGA. Already, they both don’t seem to be interested in the affairs of MUSIGA.

What do you think? Let’s share thoughts folks. Until then….MOTWUM!!

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  1. Honestly, I think they can just go with Music Week-Ghana or Ghana Music Festival if no one has that name & yes, for them to revoke their membership based on this incident wouldn’t seem fair. But I bet u they will be keeping a close eye on these 2 now. Lol, so any offence they commit might result in their termination.