READERS’ MAIL: Okyeame Kwame Is A BIG Hypocrite

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Dear Chris,

I have been a fervent reader of your blog. One thing that caught my attention yesterday was the story concerning Okyeame Kwame, a.k.a. Rap Doctor or Bra Kwame. According to your blog post, it was an article that Okyeame Kwame himself wrote on

The issue about the depreciating cedi and rising dollar has been a concern to all Ghanaians. It has even gone to the extent of a pastor commanding the cedi to rise against the dollar.

As someone who has no background in economics, I would say he did well to point out some basic things that Ghanaians can do to save the “dying” cedi. I agree with him perfectly regarding all the points he raised. In fact I congratulate him for that well – written article. If only Ghanaians would put whatever he said into practice, we might be able to save our “expiring” cedi and catch up with the “bolting” Dollar.

With regards to all that he said, I see him as a mere hypocrite who can advise people to take a particular action whilst he himself sits back in one corner and relax.

First of all, the rap doctor emphasised on the need to embrace local made goods like shirts, dresses, shoes, belts, among others. I want to ask him the number of times he puts on any of our local made shirts, belts, shoes etc. Are the suits he wears most often not designed by foreigners? What about the shoes he uses to attend important events and meetings? Can he be proud and come out to say he wears Kumasi – made shoes all the time? Before publishing that article of his, he should have known better by discarding all his foreign – made dresses and perhaps acquire for himself local – made dresses.

Secondly, the “woara” hit maker talked about Ghana as a country importing things like Shea butter, Cocoa, Groundnut, and so on. In effect to all these claims, he wanted to arrive at the point that we should pay much attention to the things we produce here in Ghana. I believe Okyeame Kwame, his wife, and children all use Shea butter as their pomade instead of the sweet-scented pomades manufactured outside the country. I doubt if he as well bath with “alata – samini” and “obonkuruwa” instead of the Geishas, Irish Springs, Lux, and the Rexonas.

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Now, to the issue of Brazilian wigs. It is absolutely true that the wig is costly. If only our ladies and women will stick to their natural hair, we can contribute a lot to rescue the Cedi. But erm, the last time I checked, Okyeame Kwame’s wife was not wearing her natural hair o. I’m no expect in wigs so I cannot tell if it was a Brazilian hair, Cambodian hair, or perhaps a Sri Lankan hair. All I know is it was a wig, and we don’t manufacture wigs too in Ghana. So where did she get it from? Charity begins at home…right?

I would therefore have wanted him and his household to have put all that he said into practice before writing that article. In that case,we could have followed his footsteps.

All the same I’m glad he said he was waiting for a time to come when he will get the opportunity to shop and buy his Garilac (instead of Cerelac), Gariflakes (instead of Cornflakes), and so on.

From: Bismark Tawiah/ Ghana


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  1. Oh please give the man a break. Okyeame is among the few celebs in GH who usually wear traditional clothes.
    And talking of Brazilian hair, he said he knows a lady who doesnt feel complete without brazilian hair so how do you know if he’s not referring to his wife?