Eazzy Bleaching Alert | FANS Call Her All Sort of Names + More EVIDENCE That Something is Going On

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Eazzy Bleaching
Eazzy Bleaching

As we reported few hours ago, Social Media was on fire over the weekend with many people expressing their disappointment in relation to how the 2014 VGMA turned out to be…

But one person that got the bash of her life and from her own fans was Rapper-Eazzy—-and stones were being thrown at her for allegedly bleaching, something she later denied doing.

Eazzy blamed her change of complexion on the night of the award on the stage light but looking at the photo above, she is definitely talking BS.

Anyway, check out some of the HORRIBLE messages Eazzy’s fans sent to her when she decided to talk about her red carpet glam, courtesy Enewsgh.com. Surely, Eazzy has to end this now or else…

So has her manager-KOD not seen this? Probably all the  glasses KOD wears are colour blind!


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  1. hahahaha all these comments wow.. Eazzy please change your make up to a regular skin color and stop this lighter make up. hhahah this is too funny. Some says she looks like curry powder, her make up was made from latex paint na wow ooo. I think she over did it.