STARR FM’s ‘The Zone’ With Naa Ashorkor: The Full Mid-Morning Office Experience

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Naa Ashorkor-The Zone

For a couple weeks now the Starrs have taken Ghana by storm, providing a new and exciting alternative to the current slog of radio programming Ghanaians have to consume.

With well packaged programs and fascinating presenters; arguably the most high profile cast of any single media entity in Ghana- Starr Fm has arrived with a bang, and the interest of the listening public has by and large validated the great work being put in at 103.5 Fm

Whilst Bola Ray and Kafui Dey have been taking most of the public’s plaudits, every weekday between 9am-12 noon there is a radio novice who is lighting up the airwaves with her silky smooth voice and infinite melodies.

Naa Ashorkor Doku Mensah is no stranger to the screen of Ghanaians, having been both a movie star and a consummate television host, but she is a big stranger to Ghanaians as a radio personality.

Being an awesome on-screen personality does not automatically translate to being one on radio, a situation which makes Naa Ashorkor arguably the biggest gamble within Starr’s star studded line-up. But after a few opening jitters, Naa Ashorkor and The Zone have conspired to rid Ghanaians of any misgivings surrounding the Teshie beauty’s abilities on-air.

The Zone is positioned at that crucial time when you probably are just settling into the office, and require some soothing entertainment to get into your normal groove. Naa Ashorkor brings you all you need, soothing music transcending genres, so many, many, tips on how to be a delight around the office, entertainment news because, why not?; and health and general tips on just how to improve your lifestyle and live that optimum life.

After all ‘all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’; you provide all the work, and trust Starr and Naa Ashorkor to provide you as much play as you require.

And believe me, you are in for a world of fun with The Zone, because throughout her time on air Naa Ashorkor plays the most relaxing tunes you could think of, tunes that transcend genres thus assuring there is something for everyone.

But the best part about the selection of melodies is their familiarity to you the listener, ensuring you are fully immersed in the experience. I keep listening for that tune I am not familiar with that would yank me out of the experience, and that tune never came. For a supposed novice on air she really does seem to know her stuff.

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Some of us function at our best with a pair of ear/head phones plugged and an endless variety of soothing music; thus if you’re anything like me you can call The Zone your heaven. Here’s an opportunity to stop worrying about creating that perfect playlist every morning, or having to listen to the one you have listened to ad nauseam; Naa Ashorkor got your back.

And you do not have to worry about interruptions, because who would call the silky voice of Naa Ashorkor an interruption? Besides the other segments of The Zone are designed to get you the best tips to make you the office darling, maybe get your boss to finally notice you for that promotion you have been angling for forever.

These office tricks encompass being a good employee, making new team members welcome, and other little pieces of information that might seem mundane but are actually crucial to giving off the right vibe in an uber competitive environment.

In order for you not to feel these are just the ramblings of Naa Ashorkor she’s imposing on us, the show has a professional who delivers these tips. So be rest assured, they are tried and tested and are going to achieve the desired results, and nothing like Kramer’s schemes on Seinfeld, which always bear unintended but uniquely disastrous, and hilarious results.

So hook up with The Zone, maybe within these little tips you might find that secret weapon to get ahead of that irritating colleague who always gets the good stuff before you do.

But hey, your work life is not the only important part of your life. In fact, your work life is probably the most detrimental to your general health and well being. Most of us work too hard, sometimes because we have no choice but sometimes because, against all logic, some of us are workaholics.

So whilst The Zone is extremely interested in smoothing over the bumps in your work life, the show is not dense enough to assume that a smooth sailing work life is all that is needed for good health. The Zone thus provides general health and well being tips that promote a healthy lifestyle, one that would see you living to an age where you can relax and look back on all you accomplished; because what would it all be worth if you give yourself a coronary before you can get to enjoy the spoils of your labour?

There is the health screen segment, which beats into you the importance of regular check-ups. It is a thing a lot of us take for granted, but crucial nonetheless. Lots of ailments can be beaten back when caught early, hence the need for regular check-ups. And if you do not know how often to go for them, never fear you get to find that out too.

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Aside the health tip there are general well being tips, such as how to stay positive and thus emit a shining glow all day long. I’m not sure I wanna do that, but hey, maybe you do. And there is the recipe of the day, again not for me but I’m sure there are some lovers of cooking (what do you call those?) amongst us who would relish having a new recipe to try out every day.

And before you go thinking The Zone does not cater to the listeners, I give you the ‘biz connect’. This allows you to call in, or message in, from work and give a general feeling of what is going on there. You could give your boss a shout-out if you want, making you the office darling for that 24 hour period.

As with everything Starr has been doing within its short life span, The Zone has garnered significant social media participation. You do not want to be left behind of this new explosion on the Ghanaian scene, and for that mid-morning settling in time at the office you could do a lot worse than Naa Ashorkor’s Zone.

The one minor problem would have been her presenting, but it keeps improving as the days go by. The first couple shows showed so many jitters on Naa Ashorkor’s part, but she seems to have overcome that and settled comfortably into the role.

There was a little episode on a show where she succumbed to the Ga ‘h’ malady, I’m sure you know what I mean and as a Ga I occasionally suffer it myself. But I’m not on Radio, so get your sh*t together Naa Ashorkor, and let’s get those other tribes to stop laughing at us.

As a sequel to Kafui Dey’s equally brilliant morning show The Zone works, whilst serving as a soothing office time drive show. It gets you involved as well, whilst if you decide to sit back and enjoy there’s tons and tons of music for you.

Starr continues to redefine the capital’s airwaves, with innovative and user friendly programming. Naa Ashorkor fits into the structure very well, and an office morning should not be complete without sampling The Zone.


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