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Side Chick
Side Chick

Most men are greedy and jealous but they will go every length to show that, they are not jealous when it comes to women. Interestingly, most women accept on first prompt that they are jealous and greedy—and as such, they are not ready to share their men with anyone.

I am talking about a class of human beings who even gets upset if they see another of their kind, wearing something they are already wearing—despite the fact that the person also bought it with her own money. From this common illustration, you should know how intolerable women are when it comes to sharing, writes CHRIS-VINCENT on BrutallyUncensored.Com.

Fortunately for men and unfortunately for some women, there are those single women who present themselves as less jealous or greedy—and are ready to become the side chicks, perhaps, the right name should be the side biatches.

For men who are lucky to meet such single women, it mostly feels like you’ve won the lottery and just as the whole enterprise/offer seems too good to be true—mostly, they are indeed too good to be true.

Most of the side chicks have hidden agenda, well concealed between the space they seem to fill in your relationships—and for some reason, they can be exceptionally fun, stealing your attention from the main chick-be it the wife or girlfriend.

Yesterday, I was sent a video of a Nigerian woman which you can see below (I believe this was recorded for fun) who called her boyfriend only to have the main girlfriend of the man picking the phone at the other end.


The conversation was pretty interesting as she didn’t seem bothered about her position as the side biatch, adding that, if the main biatch is not happy about the current state of things and she wants to leave, she can. But she should notify her when she is leaving so she will know that her position has changed from being the side biatch to main biatch.

In fact, there are women like this out there—I mean plenty of them who come up as not caring about whoever is in the room, provided they get a little space at the corner—and provided their immediate needs are taken care of.

For most men, what else could be exciting than this? Having a second single woman who you can call your woman—and more importantly, who knows about the other woman but has no problem or will not act in anyway to alert the other, so they mostly say.


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  1. Lol, she said she shld figure it out and tell her so she bcme the main “B,” well, thts gna be the same way some1’s gna call u after and ask u to do the same: what goes around come around.

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