2015: Another Year Of Constipated Promises And A Docile Public

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President Mahama
President Mahama

For me 31st December came and went without much of a fuss. For most of the rest of us, it was the day to go make amends, welcome in the New Year, and set resolutions for ourselves.

There’s one person whose New Year resolution resonates more than most; the President of the Republic John Dramani Mahama. At the watch night he attended, he made a very interesting promise that no sane Ghanaian should attach any shred of seriousness to whatsoever.

Our venerable President said this to the people present, presumably with a straight face. He must be one hell of a poker player, our president.

“The year 2015 would be one filled with fruitfulness, joy, peace, good health, and development…It would be one in which we banish darkness from our land and put an end to dumsor forever”

“I knew that would be an interesting prophetic announcement” He added, deadpan, I presume.

Because there is no way anyone can be that oblivious to the irony in their own pronouncements. If the President and his ministers can be listened to, dumsor has been banished quite a few times already. There have been timetables after timetables which have never been met.

Making no more ridiculous promises, that would have been a good new year’s resolution for the president.

There is no reason to believe the vast measures needed to be put in place to solve such a multifaceted issue have been undertaken. We continue in half measures that have little chance of eradicating the core issue of this dumsor; which is not just about ending the load shedding but getting Ghana to a point where power outages are the exception rather than the rule.

Considering power was kept on longer than usual during the Christmas festivities, I assume there’s a lot of load that has to be shed to compensate, and we are going to be the same ones bearing the brunt of that; it has even already begun.

We would all appreciate it if our commander-in-chief buries his head in some real work, instead of globetrotting around the world and making empty promises that give false hope. And Ghanaians, gullible as we are; we buy into it, every, single, time.

Well don’t, you’ll be much happier that way. When you do not expect anything, you cannot get disappointed- and sadly, that’s the point our leaders has led us to now.

So here’s my new year’s resolution: never to buy a word out of the mouth of any public official in this country until I see concrete proof of results.

On his track record so far, I doubt this gargantuan New Year’s wish is going to come true for our President. Luckily for him, by that time a whole year would have passed and the good people of Ghana would scarcely remember the constipated promise made in the heat of the previous year’s all night service.

Lying politicians, a docile public, it’s the combination that bred this current situation, and with no change on the part of the public, being taken for granted is not ending anytime soon.

There were many other promises he made, and frankly I couldn’t tell if he was talking about Ghana or some utopia I’ve never heard of.

Either way, he can keep his joy and his peace, I would settle for a true end to the dumsor.

The clock’s ticking Mr President, you bought yourself a whole year, do something fruitful with it.

What do you think of the President’s dumsor prophecy?

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  1. Can’t agree more….I think the whole nations resolution for the year 2015 should be to build a collective,progressive and reformed country.set our priorities and goals and most important a national agenda.