Why Does God Hate Gays More Than Slave Owners And Mass Murderers?

Why Does God Hate Gays More Than Slave Owners And Mass Murderers

I have to admit I’ve been running around trying to find the angle to which to write on this Supreme Court decision and bash the idiocy of the religious right determined to fight this to the death.

I had run so many angles through my mind, until this one just fell into my lap right of Facebook.  I found it so profoundly true and interesting I just tossed all my other ideas right out the window.

The rhetoric from Christians since America legalised same sex marriages is that God is going to destroy us just as he did to biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. People are so scared sh*tless they are running around like headless chickens, claiming they would disobey or disregard a ruling from the nation’s highest court.

Yet the Christian posturing on this issue makes absolutely no sense, none at all. America, like most Western nations, has a history bathed in wars and slavery. Most of the world suffered the imperialism of Western nations, going about carting their fellow human beings off like goods, to be used as their masters saw fit. Interestingly, slavery was justified using the Christian bible, a product of ancient Palestine.

Christians lovingly participated in this trade for centuries, before the Civil Rights movement sprung up to fight the injustice. Africans in particular now shouting about the evils of homosexuality do not even realise that their objections, borne out of their religious beliefs, is just another by product of the imperialism that exported their religion around the world.

So treating humans in a manner not befitting animals is not objectionable to God. Trying to estimate a death toll for the slave trade is ludicrous, but millions of Africans and other oppressed races suffered untold hardships, yet God never felt the need to destroy the world. He however, draws the line at gay marriage?

If God wanted to destroy America, how about when they dropped an atomic bomb on Japan? How about their countless wars around the world leading to millions of civilian deaths? God allowed the Inquisition, the Crusades, Stalin, Hitler, Mao; yet he would destroy the world for two people getting married?

Can we be spared the incoherent ramblings of these confused religious nuts? Besides I thought they were all waiting for the end times, when they would be reunited with their Lord Jesus Christ? So why worry about this earthly life when eternal life is out there waiting for you?

God is the greatest mass murderer of all time, but he agreed to stop doing it on a global scale after Noah. Or did he change his mind and inform only the Christians?

Why does God hate gays more than slave owners and mass murderers?

The more interesting article I ripped off is on newscorpse.


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