Ghana’s Parliament Received Their 2nd Share Of The Dumsor Cake Today

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Parliament House In Darkness
Parliament House In Darkness

Could you believe that there was power cut at Ghana’s Parliament house today when the MP’s were having discussion on a loan agreement?

Ghana’s Members of Parliament on Wednesday were forced to hold on with their business at the house by the ‘almighty dumsor’ who is not afraid to whip anyone in this country.

The best way out of this mess is to find a lasting solution to this erratic power supply which is getting out of hand each and everyday.

It’s the second time this shameful incident has happened in this country—and yet still politicians keep on with promises that it’s gonna end soon…soon till when?

Ghanaians are tired of this and I’m somehow happy that they got their share of what we are experiencing day in and day out.

“This is the time for us to investigate this. It is unacceptable for us to con­tinue going through this and we will investigate it”, Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho reportedly said after the total darkness.

And they are calling for a report on cause of the power cut within a week…

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