Mona Aka Hajia4Reall Says You Are FREE to Touch Her Butt & Simon Cowell Declined

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So Ghanaian instagram celebrity-Mona aka Hajia4Reall who was recently dumped by millionaire businessman-Kenpong gave a free pass for her butt to be freely touched—that pass was just for her friend though.

The friend took advantage of it and placed her hand on the bum which many social media men would die to handle…

When you look at the picture properly, you can see a man wearing Simon Cowell’s sort of shade—who must have declined to touch it.

Of course that is not Simon Cowell; he wouldn’t be where Hajia4Reall plays but from where we sit, that man looks like the X-factor boss…

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    1. Apparently it started when Hajia4Real became Ghana’s unofficial ashawobrity. Forced down our throats by Ghanacelebrities!! Smh

  1. This the worst kind of reporting with a totally misleading headline. Cheap gimmicks. This is no better than the attention seeking local celebs you slate daily. Do a lot better Chris.